SOC’s Manifesto Of Rights, Privileges, And Duties

[work in progress]

Natural Rights:
(For statutory rights, please consult a student of the law.)
Given moral conduct, natural rights cannot be taken away but can be given up. If a natural right has been taken away from a moral patient, the taking must have been an immoral act.
My personal belief is that natural rights are actually privileges from God. Clarifying that: while God theoretically can take a natural right without the taking constituting an immoral act (God is good, therefore acts of God are never immoral), God will not.

  • to defend life and integrity of self and others
  • to seek food and shelter
  • to think
  • to feel emotions
  • to have faith/beliefs
  • to preserve one’s own culture and traditions to the extent that they do not violate others’ natural rights and statutory rights
  • to love
  • to hate†

Privileges are what moral patients can reasonably expect from moral agents but cannot demand.

  • physical security
  • enough food
  • good enough shelter
  • freedom of expression
  • emotional support
  • freedom from derision that results from one’s beliefs or cultural background
  • reciprocity

Duties Of Moral Agents

  • to not threaten a moral patient’s life or integrity, directly or indirectly*
    • to stop agents who cause harm
  • to not interfere with a moral patient’s right to seek food and shelter
    • in case of a lack of enough food and good enough shelter
      • to investigate the cause
      • to determine an appropriate solution
      • to act on the solution
  • to be respectful of a moral patient’s expression of thoughts
    • to argue respectfully where argument is called for
  • to react to a moral patient’s emotions with discretion
  • to not deride a moral patient for his or her beliefs or cultural background

*Even though nature does not grant anyone the right to safety, the perpetrator is morally responsible for keeping his or her hands to him- or herself.
†The right to hate ≠ the right to destroy

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