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  • Hermione’s Time-Turner
  • Hermione’s brains
  • Money for tuition
  • A room of bookshelves with one ‘CD-shelf’
    • also known as a library
  • see list of CDs below (listed by current price, lowest to highest)
  1. byeolbit dalbit
    Secret ($11+)
  2. hollywood
    Michael Bublé ($11+)
  3. REAL+
    IU ($11+)
  4. the last concert
    Selena ($12+)
  5. First Step + 1
    CNBLUE ($15+)
  6. Sorry, Sorry (rpkg)
    Super Junior ($15+)
  7. korekurai no sayonara
    Secret ($15.75+)
  8. First Step
    CNBLUE ($17+)
  9. 392
    CNBLUE ($34.50)

It really adds up, doesn’t it? That’s why I don’t have all of these. OHO. But the cheaper ones, I might go for (Yesasia has no tax and shipping is free for $39+ orders)

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