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SOC here.

If you read my blog, you can probably tell from my opinions that I’m Christian.  I’m still developing my faith and I’m not exactly a spiritual giant but I’m at the point of no return.  In a good way.

I don’t believe in gossip.  Don’t throw me in with people who enjoy intrigues and scandals.  I don’t care who’s dating whom and I don’t deal in fan wars.  Rivals don’t have to rip on each other to compete.

I like pushing my opinion when I have one, but sometimes I don’t write purposefully.  Expository writing was never one of my strengths, so please pardon my tendency to ramble.  Seriously.  I’ll think of something, write about it, forget why I’m writing about it, and just keep talking.
Also, I can’t qualify my commentaries because I don’t know anything about how creative media like singing or acting or producing works.  I do think my opinions are real opinions.  I won’t like something or someone just because everyone else does, although I might like something that a lot of other people also like.

Would I rather (from Buzz Feed):

  • live 1 1,000-year life or 10 100-year lives?
    • 1 life: 1,000 years is more time to accumulate wisdom and improve myself.
  • only whisper or only shout?
    • Shout: my voice is usually quiet, so having to whisper all the time would turn me into, like, Lilly Okamura (?) from Pitch Perfect.
  • 4′4″ or 7′7″?
    • 4′4″: I’ve spent enough time as a tall person, why not.
  • always hiccup or always pre-sneeze?
    • Pre-sneeze: hiccups hurt.
  • speak any language or talk to animals?
    • Anthro: I like languages, plus I have a feeling that even if I could speak Dog, it wouldn’t stop my dogs from eating things that they shouldn’t, PLUS body language trumps audio for many animals, anyway.
  • be the best racquetball player or find $65?
    • $65: I have no interest in racquetball. If it were a sport I were interested in, though, maybe I’d be the athlete because pro athletes make money.
  • change gender with every sneeze or be unable to tell a baby from a muffin?
    • Change gender: awkwardness aside, which I think that I could get used to, anyway, it’s pretty important to not eat babies.
  • live in a world of huge, friendly gummy bears or of hoverboards?
    • Hoverboards: I have little use for giant gummy bears when I rarely indulge in the regular sized ones to begin with.
  • be a one-hit wonder or an average singer forever?
    • Average: I don’t want to be famous but simply being able to sing without wanting to sink into the ground and bury myself would be nice.
  • if on an otherwise deserted island with a beautiful man-fish, the top half or the bottom half be the fish?
    • Bottom half: there’s not much point in being beautiful without a face, fish heads aren’t likely to be better conversation partners than man heads, and fish tails are more important for swimming so at least one of us could at least try to find a mainland.
  • be friend-zoned by a crush or have my best friend fall in love with me?
    • Friend-zoned: I don’t think that I would be too torn up over it.
  • fart popcorn or have past, present, and future Google search history search information available to everyone?
    • Popcorn: I think that my search history is fairly innocuous but I’m a very private person, and things can get taken out of context (not knowing what something means and looking it up, for example), and farting popcorn would end my fear of hearing the age-old, “ARGH, WHO FARTED? WAS IT YOU?”

If you were curious (and even if you weren’t), “My memory is good, but short,” is one of my mom’s favorite quotes from Uncle Sid. She calls him Uncle Sid but he’s not actually related to us.

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