About SOC

If you were curious (and even if you weren’t), “My memory is good, but short,” is one of my mom’s favorite quotes from Uncle Sid Arase. She calls him Uncle Sid but he’s not actually related to us. Actually, she hasn’t called him up in a long time, so I don’t know how he’s doing.

This is pretty much as much as anybody else knows about me:

  • I appear to eat constantly.
  • I’m a speed reader. It’s usually easier for me to digest organized information when I speed-read, the exception being really dry textbooks. I think it might be partly that my right eye has really poor vision, sometimes resulting in double vision, so I need to trace words with my finger to follow along, and partly because if I don’t take it in quickly, the words get disconnected in my head.
  • I am a klutz. Not the worst, but more klutzy than average.
  • I’m a Christian, which people know because they see me at church and sometimes I say things and then they tell me that I’m insightful, which makes me feel like I’m good at something for once.
  • I have lupus-y symptoms but I tested negative for lupus.

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