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Oh Wonbin – time to… [Album]



C’mon Girl from C’mon Girl

  • Boring AND autotuned.
  • OWB has a very young voice that sounds really stupid when he’s trying too hard. He’s a hundred years too early and he honestly sounds like a stupid wannabe frat boy or something.
  • They should’ve left this song on the C’mon Girl album (the one with his like 3 songs from Korea). It really, really, really didn’t need to be copied onto Time To… and I’m guessing that it’s Park Heung-jun that was appointed in charge of that decision so somebody go yell at him for me.

Don’t cry

  • Boring.
  • Don’t Cry has potential, but I’m not super impressed. It’s kinda going in an OK-ish direction for OWB but even if I allowed this to be on my hypothetical dream OWB album, it’d be an afterthought filler uptempo.

2go from good for you

  • Like this would be really good arranged for Crayon Pop or even for T-ara, I mean really good, but I’m giving a big, fat #NOPE to whoever assigned To Go to OWB. And by arranged, I mean that the song overstays its welcome and would benefit from snipping.

good for you from good for you

  • Hm. Maybe. Even with the cheesy English.
  • Oh good grief, gratuitous English rap.
  • Good For You is another filler track. It’s OK but that’s about it.
  • Runs a bit long, too.

Ready to be my… from good for you

  • Ready To Be My… is giving me a good feeling.
  • YES, yes, FINALLY something halfway decent.
  • It’s a nice balance between happy and ballad. Rock ballad.

Love song from good for you

  • Another song with potential.
  • The tune is a bit different, which isn’t really bad, but I’m not totally feeling it. I don’t want to say that it’s filler on the level of most whatever filler tracks but it’s not a song that I feel strongly about in a good way. Very mixed.
  • I think that I’ve figured out why–Love Song doesn’t go anywhere. It goes in a circle, which isn’t exactly inspiring.


  • Wherever sounds like a Lee Jonghyun song. Aand now that the thought has crossed my mind, I can’t unthink it.
  • Lee Jonghyun’s songs usually have more of a sense of direction, though. Like Love Song, Wherever doesn’t do anything.
  • Ooh, I like that little chord progression in the background near the end.

Say goodbye

  • Say Goodbye’s a decent track. Maybe not title track level. I’ll think about it.
  • This sounds like the kind of song that a teenager would loop when he or she’s feeling angsty: the kind of song that you can’t listen to otherwise because it’s more of a feels song than a good song.
  • It has a lot of pretty moments, though. It just doesn’t have that extra umph that it needs to be a really good pop song. OWB sounds good in Say Goodbye so I do wonder what wrong such that he ended up basically a nobody.

to the star from To The Star

  • Ooh, is this going to be a pretty song? (I should’ve guessed from the title).
  • Oh COME ON. The sung melody could use some major improvement. MAJOR IMPROVEMENT. You just ruined a good song, writer.
  • Wait.
  • No, no, it’s not good enough. It keeps teasing me with potential, like the almost good chorus that just misses being actually good and like the pretty hook with boring verses. Who wrote this?
  • Composed by DAICHI and arranged by youwhich. One of those two people has something to answer for.

Midnight Blue from To The Star

  • I like the beat. I’m feeling it.
  • OK, please get going soon.
  • Thank you! Probably not going to be one of my favorite choruses but Midnight Blue’s a decent song so far; it’s paced well and the tune is reasonably melodic.
  • “Decent” is still nowhere near GOOD good, though.

my way from To The Star

  • Another good beat… but with a really bleh melody. WHY MUST YOU HURT ME LIKE THIS
  • My Way is a real head-bobber but it’s a stupid, stupid… boring… song.
  • Random ‘rock spirit’ belt. K.

Always from good for you

  • Sounds like standard FNC fare (slow rock ballad but with percussion going on the double in the background) but I like it. I do.
  • It’s not great, but it’s a solid “decent”.

Ready To Be My…, Midnight Blue, and Always are the big 3 on Time To…, closely followed by Say Goodbye. Other than that, this album is boring and a bit messy to boot.

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