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Dream 10


Dreamed that I dreamed that people came to my house to stay. One was a Chinese man with oddly curly hair. The other was a diminutive Chinese girl. While we were eating, I noticed the girl take a knife and thought, “She seems kind of psycho. Should I be worried?” I don’t remember what happened immediately after but I think I might have made an offhand comment to clock her reaction. Later, I was defensively holding a knife myself (and not really sure exactly how I should be holding it but before I could figure it out), she attacked me. I fought her off and ran away, trying to get someone to call the police. My mom was all confused while I was thinking, “Got no time to explain but I’m super dead if she doesn’t get put away, like, now,” so I got frustrated. I talked to Curly, who somehow believed me and agreed to help tie her up by pretending to cut her hair and then also binding her while putting the poncho-thing on her. I hid and watched him do it, than ran off to try to find someone who knew how to get her into an insane asylum. At some point, I read on my phone about something related to Kokopelli (I don’t actually know a lot about him so that was very random) and I somehow knew that it had to do with her (maybe I was looking something up and that was the result OR maybe it was dream logic, I don’t know)… so apparently, she was possessed or not even human. Yay. I hid in the closet at some point, too. I went to see what happened and she’d given him the slip (maybe killed him, too?), and I investigated and found out that there was another girl who was supposed to have come with them but the other girl had disappeared. Meaning that when she kills somebody, the body just vanishes. We fought again and I managed to pin her, knife and all. I thought that there was a possibility that she was possessed, so I said, “Demon, get out.” She stopped struggling, so I cautiously relaxed… but then she lunged at me so I pinned her again. I don’t know what happened next or if anything happened next. Maybe I woke up into my next dream, maybe somebody took her away.

So. In my next dream, I was in a room telling people at my house about this crazy dream I had. My parents had some family friends over, and they opened the door to introduce 4 kids about the same age and to say that they’d be staying with us. I think one of the kids was a blonde girl with blue eyes and more blue somewhere else or something, and maybe someone else with green eyes, but anyway, they were little kids. I recognized that in my first dream, they’d preceded the crazy events, and screamed. I ran out to tell my dad that he absolutely had to send them away. He exploded, infuriated that I would treat friends this way and said that he would hit me if I kept up my attitude. I said that he could hit me but I would never change my mind (because even if I weren’t too hysterical to explain why, which I was, nobody would have believed my ravings). So he hit me a few times, but I think that someone else explained to him why I was acting the way I was, so he apologized, although he did include a slightly resentful, “If you’d just told me why, I wouldn’t have gotten angry.” And he explained to his friends that he couldn’t take their kids, and I heaved a sigh in relief. And then I woke up.

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