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K-pop stage names


I recently read a comment on Soompi voicing the opinion that Koreans should use 한글 names, not anglicized names. And I don’t disagree. I don’t totally agree, but anyway, if I were to say that there were a reason to use Korean names, the first is that the English names get pretty cheesy.

The pun that is 2NE1 is something that I would have thought was awesome… in elementary school. And that’s without the whole “new evolution of the 21st century” or whatever the meaning was supposed to be. They should’ve just said, “It’s 2NE1! Like 21! But like To Anyone! Sorry, we just thought the whole numbers and letters code thing was cool. HAHAHAHA but yeah anyway. Hi.” But they didn’t.

Also, don’t even get me started on Nu’est (pronounced new east, “New Established Style and Tempo”) and Nu’est M (M as in marvelous/multiply/mystic), TRAX (Typhoon of the Rose Attack on X-mas), SHINee, EXId (pronounced E X Id), B1A4 (based on blood types), et cetera. Compared to most names, Piggy Dolls was one of the few that were actually decent: “Hi, we’re three overweight women who are giving the finger to all the haters by being proud of our bodies.” (Now they’re gone not around any longer, which I’m honestly disappointed about.)
Then again, some of the Korean names are pretty cheesy, too (Kangta/강타, Girls’ Generation/소녀시대).

The second reason would be to encourage Korean pride in young Koreans. I feel like most K-pop-related things are not actually Korean but copy stuff from the US and try to make it better. For example, K-pop producers make catchy retro-inspired pop… but it’s weird because retro’s not from Korea. Psy was so popular internationally because he put out a music video about Gangnam, a Korean district, and it didn’t feel like he was trying to copy somebody from the US. When you express your own cultural pride, other people enjoy it, too.

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