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Dream 9


I was at church trying to find a room. I don’t remember exactly what happened (why, what was going on, et cetera) but I do remember that a number of rooms were occupied. I think there was something about tables, too, but I’m really not sure.

There was a story or legend about how an orca god bit/ate a red-crowned crane in response to supplication for some reason, I don’t remember the details.
I was on a small peninsula or something by the beach, residing in an enormous mansion due to circumstances (I wasn’t exactly there for my health but I don’t remember why it was my duty to stay). I think the owner of the mansion was some unhinged gentleman. I remember being at the top and looking down, and seeing an islet approaching at unmistakable speed, and watching it come up next to our section of land and connecting but still moving. I think that was part of some kind of prediction, or I don’t know, but I think I had been expecting something to happen when I looked down. I thought there would be an imminent earthquake and said so in a panic to the owner, and he laughed. I went to take cover in the basement floor. Someone told me to get out and get to high ground quickly because a volcano had erupted and the lava was coming on quickly. I came out to look, where a number of people were standing on… I guess we can call it a platform surrounded by black, decorative railing (kind of a floral design, no bars) but it wasn’t actually higher than ground level and it was like a side door kind of place. The lava was rolling toward us fast. As the group of people half-encouraged, half-taunted me (somehow they were safe from it), someone else and I tried to climb the rail in a hurry to get out of the way but I couldn’t move fast enough, maybe because I was panicking, or more likely, because it was a dream. For some reason, the onset of lava didn’t burn my feet and I was finally able to pull myself up and out of harm’s way.
The next scene was at the beach. The lava was starting to cover everything, even the ocean somehow, maybe things were catching on fire, even,  and a big crowd had gathered, praying or calling loudly for the orca god. The ocean broke through the sheet of magma (?) and there was a lot of color contrast between the black-and-red and the tropical blue. It spread into a long horizontal line, filled with breaching orcas in a row. After they appeared, a few bigger orcas appeared in a second ‘layer’ that didn’t spread across the horizon line, or maybe I didn’t see it because I was watching the biggest orca, which had leapt straight out, far out from the ocean and to my right, where it landed like a missile on something that I couldn’t see. I assumed that there was a giant crane there that had been causing everything even though I didn’t know how there could have been. I just assumed because the story. Anyway, I didn’t see what happened exactly because where the orca god landed, there was a giant splash of water that kind of cleared everything away.

That was a pretty exciting dream, even if I don’t believe in orcas being demigods or anything of the sort. It probably came from [link] and [link].

I solemnly swear that I do not play video games or computer games.

The last part of my dream that I remember, I was playing some game. The mission involved infiltration and you had to select a guide. There were a lot of guides, most of them talking like they’d learned sales by working for Borgin and Burkes at some point, and I don’t remember most of them, only that they came in a variety of backgrounds. I went with some character that looked like he belonged in Aladdin. Then it switched to like… live action.
I was quickly equipped with a knife and a gun. The character that I’d clicked on wasn’t the actual guide. Instead, there was a young man who looked like he’d popped out of SWAT (the movie, I mean), except he was from a Middle Eastern country, not black or white or chicano. I guess what was going down would be in a building, so he went first, telling me to keep right behind him. I went much slower than that, deciding to be as silent and as unnoticeable as possible. It was dark, and in the dim light, I could see quite a few soldiers headed for him since he’d been moving faster and therefore louder. Thinking that they’d be distracted, which would give me a chance to jump in, I went for my knife.
But I couldn’t find it, and at the same time, a female soldier had spotted me. This one was a real nasty piece of work. I had my gun in my left hand and a heavy duty flip phone? in my right (I have no idea why). She went crazy on me so that my gun hand wasn’t in a good position to defend me, and I tried to brain her with the hand that held the phone. Which of course didn’t work. She had a knife and was about to slash me up but my guide, who was apparently a much better fighter than the crowd that wanted to see him served on a platter, somehow intervened and we ran straight into a room (which was where we were supposed to be, I guess).
It was set up like a party, with glassware and fancy food on tables everywhere. And we’d brought the full melee with us. PARTY. I aimed at the nearest guy, fired… click. Not too discouraged, I started to try again but B____ found me and started to make Thanksgiving dinner out of me, her first slash being absorbed by my left arm (I remember because there was a ghost-y feeling of a long scratch on it when I woke up). I had my gun in good position, fired, and it popped a plastic cap like cork from a toy gun. This was very frustrating. She snarled something about my trying to shoot her and the rest of the fighting was pretty hazy but it definitely involved more slashing and more frustration because I’d never been slashed before and it f_____ng hurt, which made it really hard to fight her, which I only did because I had to or else she’d make ground turkey out of me. Not that I wasn’t well on my way there already. I gave up on the gun (duh) and it became a very one-sided brawl. Let’s be real now. Amateur that can’t find her knife and can’t use her gun: 0. Professional armed with a knife: 50.
Again, the guide put the majority out of action and found me, at which point for whatever reason B____ wasn’t there to occupy me (maybe I did manage to brain her with a chair, or flip a hors d’oeuvre-covered table over her… I do remember a lot of glass breaking but I don’t remember if that was me or someone else). He said, “You did good!” encouragingly, which pissed me off and I replied something to the effect of, “‘I did good’? That b____ f____ng near killed me, slicing me up with her knife! I had nothing! And this gun doesn’t work!” And at this point, the irrepressible B____ was back.

And I woke up.

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