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Transcription of world hunger PSA


UK: Uh, welcome to this G8 summit. Uh, thank you all for attending. First on the agenda today is world hunger.
Russia: Ugh, hate this problem.
Japan: Me too.
UK: One in eight people in the world are hungry and they shouldn’t be so we do need to solve this.
Germany: That sounds like a really, really big problem.
USA: Sounds like it’s almost impossible to solve.
France: It is too complicated.
Italy: We have tried it before and we never get anywhere.
Canada: Well, is there anything that we CAN do?
USA: Well, I have to say, guys, I don’t think we’re gonna crack this one today.
UK: Uh, maybe we should tackle this one after some lunch.
Italy: Great. I’m starving.
[France and UK have the most, Canada and Italy moderate, Germany and USA and Russia little, and Japan none.]
Japan?: It’s got to be a mistake.
Russia?: I got barely any.
USA: I only have a fish finger.
UK: I do apologize, seems like we’ve had a bit of a problem here.
USA: Thank you.
France: ?
Japan: Thank you.
[Japan passes his plate’s contents to Russia, who unloads it. Someone coughs, so Russia reapportions the food.]
UK: So it is possible. There can be enough food for everyone.
France: I think he’s onto something.

*Judging from the accents, I think that Germany got switched with France.

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