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Ingrid Michaelson – parachute [Single]


by request


I honestly don’t know anything about Ingrid Michaelson. The Way I Am and Everybody is about as far as I got, although I really like those. She really owns songs with simple themes. You know what I mean? She has that easygoing tone and it works.


Weak points:
The melody is run-on. It’s got kind of a radio vibe to it. I’ve never heard the song before today, yet I’ve heard it a million times, like been-there-done-that.
Also, the ‘instrumental’ is really flat. Like bleh. I like variation, which shows that the producer knows where to swell up and where to back off. I didn’t get that here.
Third point, she didn’t give me that feeling that I got from the other songs of hers that I know.
Fourth and I swear this is the last one, this song exposes some of the weakness in her vocals. Her voice just isn’t the strong type, which isn’t bad but on this song, it doesn’t work.

Strong points: The packaging is very pretty. It’s not a cappella but the background has elements of it, which is a big plus in this Glee-loving age, and the ending is very neat.

2 stars: I don’t dislike it but I definitely don’t like it, either.

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