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Dream 6


I was bitten or stung by something. I ignored it and my feet started to tingle. They went numb. The rest of me started to feel numb. I panicked and wanted to go to the hospital. I pinched off part of my finger to reduce flow and it worked. I was fine.

I was on my way to first day of class and I got rear-ended. I called my mom, who came and after much discussion it was clear we weren’t going to press charges.

I was about tell the student to drive more considerately and brake when the car in front brakes but he took off. There’d been a policeman there asking if everything were O.K. so I turned to ask him to catch the boy and warn him in my stead but the policeman had also already left.

I’d already started the car. My mom somehow drove from the back seat as I tried to call someone about being late. We turned right dangerously because she couldn’t control the car right from the back seat so I grabbed the steering wheel and swerved. She climbed into shotgun but we gave up on finding the jerk.

At the lecture building, I saw a couple of security guards. They asked how I was because I looked out of sorts but as I started to reply, a bunch of people showed up. Every time I tried to say something, someone would interrupt. Even when I started getting mad, no one noticed. I went partway up the stairs and yelled. I said, “Hey! Stop interrupting me! It’s not polite to interrupt! It’s not professional, either. Communication Skills for Medical Professionals says that you can drag out a 3 minute conversation when you interrupt!” A male professor called back his approval of my announcement so I grinned and pointed at him.

As I went to class, I couldn’t find seats in the lecture hall. I’d climb over a rail to get into a partly-empty-looking section with difficulty, getting my foot stuck or accidentally knocking stuff over. I grew mercenary and irritated, quarreling with many of the people that I knew. I ran into these twins that I knew. I liked them because they looked like kind girls. The one that I’d talked to before in real life asked me what was wrong. I asked her what she’d do if she had a day when everything went wrong and as we gathered up the boxes of snacks I’d just knocked over, she helped me forget my frustration.

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