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Teen Top


Teen Top is one of the youngest boy bands in K-pop. They’re all younger than I am, which could either mean that I’m getting older, which I am, or that the groups are getting younger, which they probably are. Let’s just say that it’s both.  There are six kiddos who sing and dance and their stage names are charismatic rapper C.A.P, power voice Chunji, mischievous rapper L.Joe, emotional voice Niel, lovely boy Ricky, and dancing boy Changjo.

who comes up

Chunji shares his name with the Tae Kwon Do white belt “form” and Changjo shares his name with Shinhwa’s fan club, which is funny since Wikipedia says Shinhwa Andy founded our little group.  I think. So we have two rappers, two singers, one dancer, and one visual. Resident hyung C.A.P is the leader.  That covers the basics, yeah?

I like Teen Top for clicking together. They’re so young yet they already know what their roles are as a group and as a team.

As a group, they’re THE young boy band. They keep wheedling, from their nuna baiting perfume song lyrics to their flirtatious choreography. That is what boy bands are all about, right? They’re not the manly men or the rich IT geeks or the regular joe breadwinners. They’re not even the “bboys” (cough, 2PM). They’re the boys that try to get you to hang out by flattering and flirting with you. Niel in particular has the ultimate boy band voice. It’s distinct. It almost incorporates some Michael Jackson-y elements except it’s youthfully smooth with just a dash of raspiness. It conveys the mischievous streak in their style very well.

As a team, they’re totally synchronized (at least recorded). They probably make mistakes but you know how a lot of teams are sets of different personalities that work together? Teen Top comes across as a group where all the members just have a lot in common. Their material isn’t the most complicated that I’ve seen but it’s fast, yet they’re more precise than speedy. Keep in mind that I’m pulling this just from watching some of the music videos and listening to the others.

Teen Top is not my favorite band so don’t expect me to put any money down for CDs. However, they have a flair for this pop, boy band thing so I don’t think they’re going anywhere. I’d be very disappointed if they didn’t stick around for another few years. I think boy bands are coming back (cough, One Direction) and when I hear boy band-y songs on the radio, Teen Top is the first group that comes to mind. They’re good at what they do and that’s really all there is to it.

… Even though One Direction is catchy song-wise, their visuals were, uh, disappointing. Ha…

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