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This is not getting old. This is old.


Are they still talking about Jeremy Lin?  I have a friend named that.  Sharing names with famous people is awkward.  I don’t but I know a Jeremy Lin and a Hyuna Kim* and neither of them do what you might think that they do.  Like when name-alike Kelly Clarkson got all these phone calls about some singer on some television show. “Yes, my name is Kelly Clarkson.  No, I don’t sing on T.V.  No, I’m not a young girl, I’m married with children.  Who’s this?”

“Do you know Jeremy?”
“Jeremy who?”
“Jeremy Lin.”
“Don’t tell me you’re one of those ‘Linsane’ people.”
“No.  I have a friend named Jeremy Lin.”
“Anyway, I was going to say…”

This is what I don’t like when someone suddenly gets hugely popular: the stupid name puns and then the popularity backlash from all these people with their inner hipsters who want to show that they’re above the crowd.

Who coined “Linsanity”?  It’s pathetic because his fans aren’t insane.  They just like him.  That’s it.  Then they got annoyed with the popularity spike because they were there first.  I don’t think they’re right to deride the new fans but I understand that turning his fanbase into a bandwagon is annoying.

People went from “Jeremy who?” to “OH MY GAAAH,” to “He’s overrated.”  They do tend to be flighty like that.  I absolutely hate popularity spikes.  If I take interest in somebody because they’re getting famous for good reasons, I maintain a fairly steady degree of interest for at least a year.  In Jeremy Lin’s case (the famous one, not my friend), I didn’t find out who he was and why he was popular all at once.  First I heard the name several times.  Then I saw the “Who Says Asians Can’t Drive” macro.  Then I read some articles about him.  Mayweather dissed him, which annoyed me because… well, I can outline it if someone asks me but it would take another post’s worth.
I had reasonable reasons.  Yes, reasons should be reasonable.

Back to the point.  I didn’t do that squealing thing.  I didn’t post “OMG JEREMY LIN” on facebook.  Thinking supportive thoughts is about as far as I go.  I respect him for representing both asians on the court and Christians off the court but I don’t even know what he looks like besides ‘the asian in the basketball jersey who isn’t Yao Ming’.  It’s good to talk about his good points but when people lose their heads, people forget why they like him and how much they should like him.  Hence the popularity spike and backlash.

Please stop writing about Linsanity (I know, not saying anything probably would have been better).  It’s lame and it needs to die.  Right now.  He doesn’t deserve embarrassingly sensationalist people buzzing about him.  Let’s just stick to rational discussion, O.K.?

*She goes by a different name with most people.  Also, she’s one of famous Jeremy Lin’s pre-bandwagon fans (“Where were you when he was sucking on the Warriors?”).  Ironic, no?

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