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Plastic Surgery


“If Dolly Parton ruled the world, she would ‘create food without any calories and place a plastic surgeon in every garage [so] everyone could be beautiful.'”

Plastic surgery is a touchy subject.  Someone with a normal body (one that doesn’t pose some kind of health risk or disfiguration such as burns or cleft lips) doesn’t need plastic surgery.  In Korea, getting plastic surgery and not admitting to it is a big no-no.  Meanwhile, looks are a big factor in marketability—since preparing trainees requires a lot of money, the entertainment agencies try to invest in only profitable people, even if it means tweaking visuals.

One of the sad truths of the world that being less attractive is a disability capable of cancelling out being talented.  There are certain exceptions but let’s face it, non-looks-related praise makes up only about half of all compliments and “He’s so cute/ she’s so pretty” is a full half.  It’s practically considered a virtue to be good looking even though that’s more due to genetics than due to inherent merits.  People who get the surgery are criticized for being insecure or something but their critics are the same people who value a person for being prettier than someone else with comparable merits.  Seriously, the ranking system goes like this: naturally attractive, plain, plastic.

I think plastic surgery is a very personal decision but beauty shouldn’t be an issue to the point that everyone deserves a plastic surgeon.  No one asks to be born ugly or just plain, but for those who are, why fold?  Look at JYP.  He supposedly has a complex about his face (and let’s face it, some may find him loveable but few will find him attractive) but he’s a CEO of a “big 3” entertainment agency.  Guys don’t have to be as good looking as girls but they get judged, too, especially if they’re singer-dancers.  If he can make that career, it’s much more possible for unattractive people to earn other livings.  Besides, it’s your God-given body and you should take care of it instead of doing unnecessary things to it.

Even though that’s my stance, I don’t look down on people who do get it if they have their reasons unless they’re addicted.  It’s the people who judge by looks who are wrong.

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