I really hate durian. I think God was hoping we’d realize how bad gas would smell, but it didn’t reach western civilization fast enough, so now we have these smelly gas-operated things everywhere.
True, gas doesn’t naturally smell that bad, but it gets scented in order to simplify detection of gas problems, so not scenting it was never an option.

I don’t understand what people see in durian.

One guy said, “I’m like a durian because my true friends can get past the bad smell and enjoy the good taste of the fruit.”  I can’t tell the difference between the smell and the taste.  If I hold my nose while eating any food, the food tastes duller because smell and taste are tied.  I don’t see how its smell and its taste could be considered separate components.  There is simply too much overlap in the nature of these two aspects of food, you know?

I thought durian candy would taste better.  Since it’s not really durian, it shouldn’t have the gassy-ness, right?  WRONG.  It tasted exactly the same.  Maybe a little less strong but too overwhelming for me.  I thought that if anybody could separate the smell from the taste, a candymaker could and would but I MUST HAVE GUESSED WRONG.

I feel a little nauseated just thinking about it.

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