(subj: short on cash)

What I hate about shopping is all the fuzzy things that seem to be shouting, “I’m soft! Touch me! Want me! Buy me!” I’m like, “I can’t! I’m short on cash!” And they’re like, “But we’re reeally cute and you know you want us. YOU. KNOW. IT.” And then I run away and the other people stare at me funny.

Katehi’s inconsistency and protesters’ propaganda

UC Davis Chancellor Linda P. B. Katehi has got some explaining to do.

“[. . .] as chancellor, I take full responsibility for the incident.” Katehi, 20 Nov 2011, The Sacramento Bee

Sounds good, right?

“We told the police to remove the tents or the equipment [. . . .] We told them very specifically to do it peacefully, and if there were too many of them not to do it, if the students were aggressive not to do it. [. . .] We told [police chief Annette Spicuzza] that it has to be peaceful, that anything else would not be acceptable[.]” Katehi, 22 Nov 2011, The Bellingham Herald

As I said before, I feel sorry for Katehi and her pitiful attempts to salvage public opinion. I think the quotes are quite self-evident. If she were being truly forthcoming instead of trying to say pleasant things, she wouldn’t be trying different tacks.

When people say they will accept full responsibility of a situation, that usually means they will allow others to hold them responsible for resolving the problems caused by that situation. Translation: Katehi promised to not only try to appease the situation but also not blame others for the pepper spray incident.

Two days later, her quote essentially pointed fingers at the police officers who were already taking heat for it. Everyone has certain degrees of responsibility for what happened but Katehi’s contradictory statements are as awkward as those of a little kid caught lying about taking Jennie’s eraser when she wasn’t looking.

She obviously does not have the stomach to handle the bad publicity yet she forces herself to get out and keep talking.

I honestly think this has been blown way out of proportion. Last week, UC Davis was one of the more nondescript UCs, barely known for its agricultural program and post-graduate veterinary program. (They don’t call it the university of cow dung because the programs are shit but because half the campus smells like it.) A large but not overtly significant number of students gathered in solidarity with UC Berkeley as well as the Occupy movement. After a while, Katehi called the campus cops, who rarely if ever get called to help with anything remotely resembling a serious situation. They tried to be calm about it and get the job done, explaining that they would spray anyone who refused to leave before systematically doing so. The people sitting acknowledged this verbally. They then realized that PEPPER SPRAY FUCKING HURTS and started panicking and screaming, and the students started chanting, “Shame on you!” Naturally, everyone who wasn’t freaking out (and everyone who was) got out their cell phones and started filming their classmates.

Nice. Anyway. In case anyone didn’t know, UC Davis has a lot of students so a good number of those videos were uploaded onto Youtube. Next thing I knew, my friends’ friends from places like Russia and Japan (courtesy of Facebook) were checking in on our UC Davis friends demanding to know exactly what happened. The funny thing is that probably a good half of the campus didn’t even know there was such an incident until it made the evening news.

See what I mean? “Blown out of proportion” would be quite an adequate adjective phrase to follow the words “The UC Davis pepper spray incident” and the present passive form of our favorite intensive verb to be, “has been.” Did masses of people die like in Virginia Tech? No. Was there tear gas? No. Was there even campus-wide panic and chaos? Not even vaguely, yet people in Japan knew the details before I did. This is considered hot global news?


I really hate durian. I think God was hoping we’d realize how bad gas would smell, but it didn’t reach western civilization fast enough, so now we have these smelly gas-operated things everywhere.
True, gas doesn’t naturally smell that bad, but it gets scented in order to simplify detection of gas problems, so not scenting it was never an option.

I don’t understand what people see in durian.

One guy said, “I’m like a durian because my true friends can get past the bad smell and enjoy the good taste of the fruit.”  I can’t tell the difference between the smell and the taste.  If I hold my nose while eating any food, the food tastes duller because smell and taste are tied.  I don’t see how its smell and its taste could be considered separate components.  There is simply too much overlap in the nature of these two aspects of food, you know?

I thought durian candy would taste better.  Since it’s not really durian, it shouldn’t have the gassy-ness, right?  WRONG.  It tasted exactly the same.  Maybe a little less strong but too overwhelming for me.  I thought that if anybody could separate the smell from the taste, a candymaker could and would but I MUST HAVE GUESSED WRONG.

I feel a little nauseated just thinking about it.

(not) dog poop

Last night, a couple moved in as new short-term tenants.

Although my little one is usually very good about not crying and barking when I leave her in her room to sleep, last night, she cried and barked. On the day we have new tenants. My parents haven’t actually decided to let me keep her yet, so I worried about what that would do to her merit points.

I decided to chain her to a heavy desk that wasn’t too close to any wires yet close to where I sleep. This worked out rather well but since she is not house-trained, I worried that she would have an accident. My parents were, too. I told them that since my mom wakes up earlier than the rest of us, she could glance at the danger zone and tell me if the coast needed to be cleared. They obviously lacked confidence in my capacity to wake up earlier than I absolutely had to, but they agreed to give it a shot.

I have no idea how long I lay awake but IT WAS A FREAKING LONG TIME. My mom got up to take a bathroom break and that’s when I realized I didn’t remember falling asleep. Not Good. She switched on the bathroom light, and as she went, I peeked to see… IS THAT A LITTLE BALL OF POOP ON THE CARPET?! The more I looked at it, the more certain I was that there was a little ball of poop on the carpet, and therefore a puddle of piddle was also very likely to be nearby. I feared she would step on it on her way back to bed. Then I would have to clean it up. [I NEED TO SLEEP!] I thought. She went back to bed without incident. Then my dad got up and I thought we were really in for it this time. I’ve been walking on eggshells trying to convince him that the puppy is compatible with our situation and any accident can hurt the cause. He went back to bed without any problems, either.

I think I fell asleep at this point and woke up again to have another look at the ball of poop. Evidently, I was also thinking more clearly because as I looked at it, I remembered bringing a small, cheap, donut-shaped, plushie dog toy. I realized that I had been stressing out over a stuffed piece of fabric worth less than a dollar.