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Girls’ Generation – the boys [Single]


skip to 1:13


When I heard it this morning (before they released the English version) before rushing to class, I freaked out.  I gibbered excitedly to the first person I saw. When I had sat down for that first listen, I kept expecting some pointless stunt like autotuning the held notes but no. The girls sang their solos and finished each line without incident. Teddy Riley, if you’re the person who didn’t add the dreaded autotune, thank you. The major vocals were left pretty clean (there are the little lines in the background that were processed like usual but I can cope with that). Girls’ Generation always had the talent but I’ve been waiting and wishing for the processing in the production to be, like, not overdone, and THIS. WAS. IT.

From the teasers, I had a pretty fair idea of how the song was going to go. I was expecting a slower Hollaback Girl kind of deal, but it actually sounds like something Yoo Young Jin would do, with a touch of 4Minute (I can imagine HyunA and JiYoon taking the rap parts, can you?) and savvier. The vocal treatment wasn’t exactly minimal but it also wasn’t running around chaotically and the background had the kind of crispy, kind of crunchy feel I get from dramatic dominatrix pop radio singles. Some people think it’s too big of a jump from what they’re used to getting from Girls’ Generation but I’m not seeing it. This is not supposed to be a beautiful song and definitely not a cute song. This is about Girls’ Generation getting their game on and its purpose is to push Girls’ Generation both further and farther than they’ve been and gone. I know it’s something the girls want to do, and, let’s face it, Etude isn’t going to cut it.

Personally, though, although I have no major complaints about the Korean version, I must say I wish they put together the English version differently. The lyrics are super cheesy and not serious like the Korean lyrics are. Tiffany should have gotten more solo time than the others because she has the most natural Californian dialect. Yeah, there’s Jessica and she should keep the lines she has but she’s slightly more on the Korean side of the sliding scale of accents. As much as I like Taeyeon’s voice, they should have switched the majority of her lines to Tiffany for the English version. For the sake of promotions in the US, I would suggest that the singing have more Tiffany for her naturalized accent, Yuri to back her up, Sooyoung as the secondary backup, Seohyun because she studies English diligently in addition to having one of the best voices, Jessica because she’s from the US, and Taeyeon because she’s the vocal backbone of Girls’ Generation.

Do I like this song? That’s kind of rough to tell. There’s like no melody and the orthodox repetitiveness abounds like nothing else. Not to mention the Gwen Stefani-4Minute rapping. But I get this feeling from it. It’s telling me, “Take me seriously. A lot of effort went into my production and there’s nothing half-assed about me.” This is not the kind of song that I love. I’m an easygoing, Starlight Moonlight, classy kind of gal, not a driven Keep Your Head Down type. However, it’s not asking me to love it, it’s telling me to rate high.  What’s a blogger to do?

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