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After the recent inundation of “inspirational photos” on my FB News Feed (silly FB and their pointless upgrades), I decided that it’s high time I devote a post to

First it was about a mother in the Japan Earthquake. The photo was actually in China, among other things, and I left comments everywhere hoping people would start taking it down. Then Amy Bruce was popular for a couple days, and that annoyed me because technically it costs nothing to spread but at the same time, it spreads ignorance. It used to be that there was a sucker born every minute, but now it’s like there are five born every second thanks to the internet.  Today’s wasn’t as dramatically false—it was this photo of a complicated surgery where a baby’s hand sticks out of the uterus. The photographer took some artistic liberty with his quote and it went from there.

I know I shouldn’t let ignorance get to me, but since it does, I’ve been trying to get people to see the light. I honestly thought that people I friended on FB would be more intelligent than that. Especially people in college. What do they learn? Obviously not logic and if they’re learning to think critically, I think their teachers need a major heads up. We’re supposed to be this tech-savvy generation that doesn’t buy into the constant flood of advertisements everywhere and supposedly we can sniff out scams like dogs smelling what you ate for breakfast. I figured at the very least, we’d be alert to things too good to not question. Some good things are true, but it never hurts to ask, right? What’s that? YOU NEVER THOUGHT TO ASK?  Lame excuse, man.

I am here to plug Snopes. I trust it to be honest and enlightening in an arena where a lot of “information” gets spread by inspirational liars. Please, every time you hear some lovely story, check Snopes or an equally trusted hoax-breaking website. If you don’t find the story there, follow the site’s instructions to submit your story for review. Read what they have to say. Sometimes it’s just some little thing like saying, “San Antonio” instead of “Spokane.” Get the story straight. Then “go and teach all nations”… you know the drill.

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