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SOC’s version of love

  • I don’t believe in eHarmony or anything similar. I realize that the computerized approach has resulted in a number of “successful couples” but I don’t accept anything that hooks up people who otherwise would have never met each other. It’s unnatural. And a number of people completely overhaul their “ideal type” when they get married. Compared to real human intuition, that little virtual profile ain’t worth zip.
  • Unlike eHarmony, 소개팅 doesn’t count as artificial matchmaking because the participants are intentionally set up by mutual friends. It’s a one shot deal and worst comes to worst, you meet someone dreadfully unsuitable (or creepy but I’d hope your friends wouldn’t do that to you). It’s about as natural as going to a dinner party and getting introduced (with some hint hint nudge nudges) to an eligible individual. That said, may I never do a 소개팅, Lord willing…
  • I do believe in soul mates. I don’t believe that everyone has one. To me, “Somewhere out there’s someone perfect for you” is a stupid statement. What if you don’t meet this hypothetical someone? Even if two people are perfect for each other, if they aren’t fated to meet, that’s not called Soul Mate, end of story. If you don’t have a soul mate, you can still have a happy marriage ’til death do ye part but it might take more adjustment.
  • I don’t believe in love at first sight. That’s your hormones talking. Still, it doesn’t hurt to meet new people and grow your network.
  • There are many types of love in addition to the ba-dump-ba-dump kind.  There’s the love for someone you care about on a level so deep that you ‘love them as your self’.  There’s the love you sense when your dog looks at you, full of trust (You knew this was coming; you knew I was going to drag in a dog reference somehow). There’s the love that pushes you to help a stranger. There’s the love that makes me feel tragic when I see a beautiful view and realize that no one can ever see the exact same thing ever again (to throw in a dash of pragmatism: clouds move), and that what you see is a gift from God to you and only you. When you hear someone talk about The Power Of Love, let me tell you now, “The half cannot be fancied.” You really can’t explain it.
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