Sibling dynamics

Almost every day is a battle of wills. It’s more annoying than frustrating for the most part, because my little sister is an idiot (personality-wise, not book-wise). I guess part of the reason that she’s so awful about respecting other people is that I keep reminding her that she’s stupid.

I yell at her because she always uses that resentful, impatient tone with my mom and I. Today when I told her to lose the attitude, she said, “That’s how you talk to me.” I automatically said, “That’s because I’m older than you.” Then I corrected myself: “Besides, I don’t talk that way. [mimics] You TAALK like THIIS.” When she sasses me, I usually try to come up with something that will shut her up. It’s not easy because I still need to be classy about the whole thing. I have to show her that she damn right better listen to me because I am always more right than she is. If I lose it, I’m no longer more right, which ruins the whole point of yelling at her. Holding me in contempt is a problem. Holding our mom in contempt is a sin. When she sasses our mom, I let fly, and I am very, very good at projecting my voice when I’m angry.

Either way, between her and I, it’s a sensitive balance. She constantly sulks, so I always have to think about what I will say and how I will say it. To burn or not to burn, that is the question. Sometimes I want to slap her but I usually reserve getting physical for joking around and for something really serious. Most of the time, though, I hold back. It’s very complicated for me, though.

High heels

The other day, I was in Oregon shopping with my mom and little sister. I was very tired from standing around trying to convince my little sister and my mom not to buy this or that. I was also pretty bored. Mom sent me to the shoes section to rest. At first, I was just bored and looking at the sneakers. They come in two varieties: athletic-looking running shoes that only nerds would apply to everyday use and tacky-looking I-don’t-know-whats. When you own more than 1 pair of athletic-looking shoes and dislike tackiness as I do, looking at them gets very boring, very quickly.

I turned my attention to the women’s sandals. There was quite a variety, although most of the heels were no shorter than, I think, 4 inches.  My little sister came over, so I dared her to try a pair on. It looked so funny, she told me I had to try on pairs, too.  Let me tell you now, they were awful. I think shoes should fit to your feet even if the heels are 5 inches off the ground. You know how it has a flat part for your heel, drops on a slope and then there’s a flat part for your toes? Well, the slope is too far back on the foot for the arch, so in order to feel supported, you have to scoot your foot back until your toes are where the balls of your foot should be. It’s ridiculous. They’re fashionable-looking heels but who’d wear them?