2 words: Calculus Midterm

I am not very confident about my test score.

My dad started ranting about how I make stupid decisions.  Case in point: my major and career direction have nothing to do with Math, yet here I am taking the hardest course I can.  I guess I just wanted to end my relationship with math with a bang, I have actual study buddies in the hard class, and the prof used to go to my church so I’m not afraid of office hours.

On the other hand, it just might kill my GPA and ruin my chances for what Dad calls my dream career.  I frankly don’t care what I do in the future because I know God may not be calling me to that direction.

But the looming potential grade of doom is a pretty big downer, I dunno…


My professor is wonderful and full of mercy.  My raw score was a C but I got scaled to an A because half the class failed.


(subj: descriptive grammar)

So apparently spelling is completely irrelevant in Linguistics. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?