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5 radio songs


Michael Franti – say hey


I love how upbeat Say Hey is.  If Epik High is the intellectual side of rap, this is the happy side.  I say this because I generally dislike rap but when people like Epik High make it work, it’s not bad at all.  I don’t care if I can’t sing along with Say Hey because I can’t sing, anyway; I want to take this song to a sunny beach or pier where there are people chilling out and having fun.  –edit– I tweeted about Michael Franti and he responded and added my twitter!–end edit–

Neon Trees – animal


I almost cut this song for unwholesome lyrics, but I like that its hook actually managed to hook me.  I guess it was how the classic drum set/electrical guitar/keyboard starts going in the intro and then the bass comes in with this sense of urgency.  Even though people see bassists, they usually don’t pay them as much attention, which is kind of sad because the bass really drives the mood.  My old orchestra conductor was so proud that we had like 6-8 basses, and I didn’t think much of it until we played that one Beethoven piece (I’ve never been good with naming classical pieces): we got this rock vibe going because our arsenal of bassists was driving hard.  Oh, tangent.  Anyway, the drums aren’t beating me over the head, which is already good, but I feel like while the drums have some free rein, she’s still taking her cues from her bandmates, so it’s like… cohesive (just had to think about chem, ugh).  I can’t say that it’s a good song, but it’s got something that sets it above crap like Katy Perry and the new Rihanna (sigh, I used to like Rihanna).

Maroon 5 – give a little more


Why do I like his voice?  I have no idea.  I hate their music videos and their explicit lyrics are a turn-off.  Except when I listen to Maroon 5.  Anyway, I really like the intro, which keeps fooling me into thinking I’m going to hear Funkytown.  And something about Adam Levine’s voice has a lot of… aural magnetism?  I made that up just now.  I have no idea if this is actually a term for anything.  It’s similar to the Bee Gee voice and it’s incredible how on-the-dot his pitch is.  He just sort of slides over the notes.
I compare it to a mountain goat.  Mountain goats just skip up and down mountains as they please.  For humans, only someone with a really precise sense of balance could do it.  The mountain goats don’t seem to think about it at all.
Levine’s voice has this weird purity: there just aren’t any mistakes.  Most voices sometimes crack, shuffle around, and slide into place, but the Maroon 5 vocal dude just sort of strolls over the notes.

Edward Maya – stereo love


He has an accent.  And the main instrument is an accordion.  Get. Out.  It’s a little annoying that his vocals reminded me of Ayy Girl, but then I realized this song was loads better.  Actual instruments (accordion), an actual direction (the whole 3 minutes of Ayy Girl: “Are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet…”), and no dragged-out, not-quite-talking-definitely-not-singing rap section in the beginning.  It also has that sort of loop-iness that just goes on forever but it’s not the cheesy trying-to-be-epic-ness that Ayy Girl is.  Dear JYJ, if you sing this instead of Ayy Girl, the product will be much better than both of the originals added together.

Nelly – just a dream


This is my giggling-to-myself radio song.  It’s the funniest song on the radio right now.  Dear Rob Pavaronian, your Pachelbel Rant (punk music is a joke, it’s really just Baroque) is now dated.  Pachelbel’s done with Green Day by a long shot: he’s officially taking over R&B.  Oh, and I have a little praise for his voice . . . not just anyone could sing it without annoying me to death: if you listen carefully, it’s kind of redundant.  His voice isn’t anything special, but it’s far enough above average to make a monotonous song not sound monotonous.

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