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I been thinking how, if you value worldly luxuries, the world can enslave you.  You can’t serve both God and money.  Anyone who tells himself that he just wants more money so he’s freer to give… that person is deluded. (Someone who adjusts pricing to find the market sweet spot, on the other hand, is doing it for the benefit of the economy and thereby the greater good.)

It’s not just money.  It’s almost everything.  It’s fame.  It’s beauty as defined by others.  It’s designer items.  It’s getting a good reputation through philanthropy.  It’s winning the Olympics.  It’s designing your own life path, deciding your own career direction come hell or high water.  It’s counting the number of hits you get on your blog.  It’s thinking that celebrities are defined by their status, and fans are defined by their status.  It’s pride.  It’s the ideal boyfriend or girlfriend.  It’s the T.V. shows you can’t miss.  It’s getting class valedictorian.  It’s so many things, and often very different things for very different people.

But the effect is always the same.

Everyone has their own personal demon mixed into their own human nature.  For a gamer, it’s the games.  For a fangirl, it’s her idol (no doubt about that, “idol” is literally the word we use).  For some extremely overweight people, it’s food.  For politicians, it’s power and/or money and/or fame.  Having interests is not a problem.  Having obsessions is.  Having something that you love so much that you’d put God second is.

I don’t have the right to preach to anyone as I must admit I’m planning to skip church tomorrow so I don’t miss a mandatory event that will allow me to have an internship this quarter.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t know what should come first.  Some people try to forget that they should be doing something that they aren’t.  If there were no God, they could claim to have full rights to do whatever they want. That is the truth of why some people deliberately deny the existence of God: it’s just more convenient.

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