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A thankyou note for a stranger


Dear Polite Driver,

Thank you for waiting patiently this morning as I clumsily biked across the street after the car across from you suddenly zipped over the crosswalk, narrowly missing me and certainly cutting me off. You could have taken the chance to go while Zippy the sedan detained me, but you did not.  Frankly, I prefer efficiency to niceties so I would not have minded you crossing the street then. In fact, you reached the intersection first so technically you had the right-of-way. That said, I appreciate the gesture and the world needs more like you.

Thanks to you, I got to class on time despite being behind schedule and so cold I thought my fingers were frostbitten and therefore barely dared to move.

I hope you got to wherever you were headed on time because you surely deserved to.


Clumsy Student On Bike

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