Shower questions

Do people still take baths or has the shower ousted the bathtub entirely?

I don’t remember the last time I took a bath.  But I do remember taking lots of showers.  Showers in my house, showers in hotels, showers in other people’s houses, showers in the locker room, etc.  I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a bath in someone’s house.  There’s a little tub under the shower head, but does that really count, or is that a bath and I confused them with Jacuzzis?

I think some hotels don’t even have that little tub anymore, but this little ridge and a curtain-thing that can turn your bathroom into half a bathroom plus shower.  I can just imagine it:
“Guess what, I have a convertible!”
“You can afford a convertible?”
“A convertible BATHROOM!  Har, har, har.”

I wonder if showers make people feel like they’re saving water.  Why sit around waiting for the tub to fill up, when you can just rinse directly?  However, it also rinses into the drain, so if you enjoy the warm rain of droplets too much, you’re probably wasting more water than if you just dunked yourself in a bath.  Do showers save water?

Yet they still use the word “bath.”  “Bed Bath & Beyond.”  “Bath and Body Works.”
Every time I use my body wash, I wonder if body wash is for bathing because shower gel is for showering.  I feel like I must be breaking some rule, like someone will use the bathroom at my house, spot the body wash, and gasp, “You use your body wash as shower gel?  You’re not supposed it that way!  This is called Misuse of Body Wash under Code 1603 as designated by the Baths and Showers 2007 Summit!  Why would we use body wash in the shower when we already have shower gel?  You blockhead!”

The possibility that I’ve been doing this wrong for my whole life, that my parents taught me wrong, that my parents were doing it wrong because they were too proud to ask for help in acquiring American ways, *inhales dramatically* is sobering.  Not really.