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Music is like chocolate


No, that’s not because it’s delicious (which it is).  For me (and probably for lots of other people) chocolate is… well, it’s more like a lot of things are chocolate.  The darker skin tone of some people looks like chocolate.  The smell of coffee makes me think of chocolate (heck, the whiff of good smell when some people walk by reminds me of chocolate).  Back to music.

Can’t you imagine it, like in those ads where it pours like milk and looks oh-so rich? It’s really not the songs themselves, even if the songs I like sound like chocolate. It’s really the voices.

You have your cheap-too-sweet M&Ms chocolate, people who are just too well-liked, like Katy Perry or Taylor Swift or Train.  Everyone knows them, most people like them to a certain degree, and they’re oh-so-catchy but too much is way not good for you.

You have your dark, 70% cacao chocolate, like P!nk.  A bit bitter, a bit raw, but with appreciative fans.  Actually, I’m not as big on P!nk as I was when I just heard her songs on the radio, but she has a relatively good reputation with her lyrics and activism (which I don’t always agree with).

You have white European chocolate like Libera, rich dark chocolate like Charlotte Church and Charice (your mileage may vary on where to place Charice).  I like dark chocolate and if given a choice between milk or dark, I’ll pick my darks (although some people won’t agree with the choice of singers).

And as much as I dislike Black Eyed Peas, Fergie’s a regular caramel chocolate.

Now imagine fudge. Imagine that it’s really good, not even close to too sweet. That’s like CNBLUE Jonghyun, Park Hyo Shin, maybe SHINee Minho, but especially a certain person whose name I don’t know, never have and probably never will, but if I ever tell you I really like a guy’s voice, chances are I’m thinking of… well, just keep reading.

I think I’ve told some of my friends before, but when I was in 7th grade, I joined the church choir for one year (idiotic thing to do without vocal training, honestly).  Our church has a Christmas program every year, even if Christmas is a pagan holiday. Ahem. I digress.  The choir director had a solo, a section from Handel’s Messiah (There were shepherds abiding..).  O.K.  Well, after her, there was another solo.

This nondescript-borderline-awkward asian guy in a plain suit walked up to the mic.  And sang.  I don’t remember what he sang, it was probably in chinese, but oh. my. Lord.  I was a bit on the young side, so at the time I thought, “He reminds me of one of those Asian old-school pop singer guys on my dad’s old CDs, the ones with the different type of voice,” but now that I’m older, the best way I can describe it is he had a hot voice.  Like the little chinese lady old enough to be my mom was fanning herself and whispering, “OHH.”  If you were female and into any music at all, you were listening with everything you had.  And it was really nice because the performance wasn’t marred by things like screaming fangirls or whatever.  THAT. is chocolate.  It melts you, it lulls you, you drown yourself in it without drowning.  happy sigh

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  1. Laila permalink
    2010/08/17 06:25

    Reading this at the beginning I was thinking “she’s right , music is like food” but then you have completely surpassed this generalization one you went on to elaborate “MUSIC IS LIKE CHOCOLATE”.It’s amazing how you isolated the different types of chocolate and paired them with artists. Your third paragraph really convinced me that P!nk is dark chocolate , because as I went back to listen to one of her songs something happened that reminded me of dark chocolate.Instead of continuing to listen to more of her tracks I stopped at one. Much how I nibble on a little bit of dark chocolate and stop because the bitterness starts to get to me. Yet once I go on to, let’s see, Rain, I can’t but help to want to listen to “Fresh Woman” after “You”.(Maybe its my kpop bias IDK haha). I totally agree and stand for this review.

    (You mentioning Minho brings me joy and tears to my eyes :’D)

    • 2010/08/17 21:44

      LOL, but remember, she’s not just dark chocolate, she’s like dark choco hardcore. There’s dark chocolate that’s on the rich side yet not too sugary (like I said, for me it’s like R&B soul-ish stuff), but she’s like… some people decide they like her, others don’t, and some (like me) like her sometimes.

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