It’s a small world at Davis In-N-Out

Apparently one of my Senior Writing Seminar classmates (named Paul if I remember correctly) was at In-N-Out.

Mom kept nudging me: “Rebekah, do you know that guy? I think he tried to wave at you.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, and I think I saw him say, ‘Rebekah’.”
I turned around. “Oh, him. He was in my English class.” I turn back around.
Nudge again. “Rebekah, I think he’s been sneaking looks at you. Do you want to go say hi?”
“What? That’s awkward, I’ve never even talked to him before.”
“Should I tell Dad?”


Seems like in a lot of places, there’s some sort of fireworks going off on a regular basis.  US, 4th of July.  Japan, its summer festival.  Butchart Gardens and Disney parks, every week.  And then there’s the 4th of July traffic.  Parking’s not so bad but with almost everyone in town trying to leave one place through limited routes, it gets ridiculous.

On 4th of July, the nation’s air is filled with the smoky trails from fireworks, plus a heck of a lot of car exhaust. What happened to “I saw above me that endless sky-way”? I think fireworks are fun and yes, 4th of July isn’t 4th of July without them but I can’t help wondering, “What if we cut 5 minutes of explosives from the show?  What if we had a special 4th of July bus schedule?”

I also wonder: emergencies don’t celebrate 4th of July with us. What about the people working to organize the fireworks? What about the firemen who have to be on standby? What about the ICU nurses who are needed, even on this big holiday? I guess their schedules aren’t fixed and they can find a different year to celebrate. But I don’t really know.