“Count your blessings” is pretty cliche and not the most empathetic thing you can say to someone who’s down.  How many times do you think about why this exercise helps?  And it doesn’t help if you’re counting things you SHOULD be grateful for, but you might become grateful for what you should be grateful for if you start by listing what you FEEL grateful for.

I was feeling out of sorts because I’ve been slipping… like in sleep, school, badminton, everything.  During lunch, though, things happened.  I noticed someone from my school watching me, and I remembered how he said he thought I looked busy and tired lately while we were chatting online, and I felt grateful that someone notices how I feel even though I don’t pay attention to him. Another friend gave me cookies, which made me see how she was kind, even though sometimes people don’t like her attitude. Yet another friend was there with questions on her Calculus homework, and I was glad God sent her to be there to remind me that school learning is kind of relative and I shouldn’t let myself be preoccupied with my own feelings all the time.

Actually, I’m really grateful for all the friends who step in when I need it, even if they’re never there when I don’t. I’d like to have sunny day friends but rainy day friends are better than flaky friends.

But, you know, it’s natural to feel cranky and critical.  When you find someone to be grateful for, you can appreciate them for appreciating you when you don’t feel like others would say you deserve it.  And maybe you don’t deserve it.  That’s why you appreciate them…

(subj: racial self hate)

Some asians just need to reconcile with the fact that they have small eyes. Actually, people in general shouldn’t wish their faces had been different, because then we’ll all know they’re insecure.