Why or Why Not

A facebook friend posted, “Why?” and someone else replied, “Why not?” without knowing what the question specifically referred to.  When he clarified that he was referring to life’s problems and corruption, I added my response: “Because people ask why not.”  There isn’t a reason to do things to screw up others’ lives.  It’s when people think they won’t take any damage that they do, well, bad stuff.

You know how if you don’t believe someone’s story, they could say, “Why would I lie to you?”?  There is rarely a reason for someone to lie to you, whether it’s gossip, fraud, or some other form of suckering you into agreeing with him or her.  They don’t have a valid reason to malign people or take your money.  They feel justified because they don’t acknowledge moral reasons not to.

Of course, some argue that morals are an arbitrary institution.