Hi, wordpress

I got a Blogger because it works with Google. And then I realized WordPress may be slightly more my style. When I looked at different Blogger blogs, I kept running into ones about people into hip hop. Nothing against hip hop but it’s really not my thing.


Using MS word to blogOMG

So.  I’m accessing Blogger from MS Word for the first time. How the heck do I submit this?

Isn’t blog short for weblog?  I’m thinking “web” plus “log”, log being like “The Ship’s Log” from way back when.  But blogs are totally different now.  When I think of a log, I think of my lab notebook.  A blog’s more like a journal or diary.


I have a sister named Hannah: H-A-N-N-A-H. I don’t get how white adults manage to mess up her name, but they always do.  They say it like it rhymes with sauna, which annoys me to no end. “Hannah” is not her Chinese name nor her Korean name, neither is it her Japanese name. My best guess is they think they’re somehow making her more comfortable by using what they think is asian pronunciation. If you’re one of the people who try to do this, do us all a favor and cut it out. Believe me: if we hated English, we wouldn’t pick normal names like Kevin, Chris, and Jessica.