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Over the summer, I only have summer school and church.  I could go to the pool, eat out, or whatever with some friends, but I have refused the last few invitations.  As a result, I have more time to study faith (? I want to avoid saying “my religion” >.>).

kiemthan said, “That’s really good that you are praying for your friends.”  I remembered that I can’t just pray for my friends but also my ‘enemies*’, and then also for anyone and everyone who has been in my life in any way**.

I am considering a hiatus from Church B and attending youth meetings at Church A instead.  Why?

  • They are currently more relevant to me and have more need of me.
  • Unlike Church B, they will not ceaselessly speak of “the Lord’s economy” and Witness Lee’s writings.  No offense to anybody, but my dad advises me to avoid getting into this sort of thing too much for his own reasons and I cannot name them all.
  • For sure though, when a meeting starts running like a broken record, it is time to change.  Even Lee said, “None of us should be… set, settled, and occupied.”
  • Also, when a meeting studies one person’s writings more than the Bible, it is time to change.  I am here for fellowship, not to listen to somebody parrot the teachings of one man, though it be based on the Bible or not.  Brother Lee is not a prophet, so if people would call him brother, they ought to treat him like one, too.

*Do I have true enemies except Satan?  I mean, really.
**Trying to avoid “way, shape, or form”.  Catchy, but cliche, right?

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  1. 2009/07/08 18:09

    Hi lixinxin

    I think as long as you love the church, you will have the Lord’s blessing.  The Recovery church has a lot of high truths. However, going to a church that you feel comfortable in and you love is also important.I used to wonder why the church members always talked about the writings of Witness Lee. But now I see that they gain a lot of truths from his writings. However, I go to a Vietnamese church on Lord’s Day and I feel quite good there. It’s a different environment, a different style. I think I know what you mean when you say the youth meetings at your Sunday church has more relevance to you and more need of you. Maybe the youth group there really seeks to nurture the young believers and to support them in their growth with the Lord. Perhaps they reach out to you more during the meeting. I feel kinda the same way at the Vietnamese church. It feels like the elders are reaching out to me more, and I also just have a heart for the church. At the same time, I also love the Recovery church and the people there and I go there whenever I have the opportunity because I learn a lot of truths there.

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