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quick blurb
I have been watching bits of Megiddo I (the documentary-ish film), Megiddo II, and Hollywood’s War on God, and it ain’t pretty.
God wants us to make our choice, even if God wishes us to be with him and not the fallen.  Since it is that way, I will not fire frantic emails to everyone I can think of saying, “Please become Christian so that I will not lose you!”
I have decided that until it is time for me to “share the love”, I will pray.  I know my chances of losing my friends are high-if the antichrist appeared now, I have this awful feeling that my friends would have me killed.  :] That is not the worst thing, though…
I will pray for time as well as for their salvation.

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  1. 2009/07/07 04:30

    That’s really good that you are praying for your friends.  Prayer is so important.  In Matthew, Jesus became angry and made a whip of cords to drive out the merchants from the temple; He said, the Lord’s house will be a house of prayer.  So glad to hear you are praying for others.I do go to a “Local Church” but only for the college meeting, not for the Sunday meeting.  Lord’s Day meetings are so intense. 🙂

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