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People in my life


You can have someone in your life without being in theirs.  Take for example the famous korean ditzes I follow on Twitter.  I get a kick out of observing their lives, but they are never going to observe me back.  They are going to give a lot less thought to me than I will of them, simply because they are the followed and I am the follower.
Jesus follows everyone back.  He remembers everyone, cares about everyone… can you imagine?  I cannot even remember how many people are following me, never mind their names, never mind everything else about them.  Call me a fool, but I choose to believe.

People who love dogs the best are innately selfish, right?
“Why do you like dogs the best?”
“They are loyal and friendly and love unconditionally.”
And, I do not need to work for it.  I do not need to feed my dog, take her to exercise, or play with her for at least an hour a day for her to adore me.  I can sit on my fat rear at this computer all day, and when I look down, I can see loving amber eyes and a wagging tail.  Maybe I will be a responsible owner and do all I should for her, but even if I neglect her, she will love me.
Humans are unpredictable and sometimes even dangerous, especially if they become emotionally attached like a dog.  Of course, dogs can be dangerous, but if I go into the street and see a pedophile on one side and a lone dog on the other, who is more frightening?  Humans are threatening, which is why they are more important.  Not to devalue the dog, but people who love animals more than people are just foolish.  Friendship with other people is an art.  How do you love someone that is so independent?  See?  A mind to comprehend and reflect is just as necessary as the heart to love in a relationship with another person.
Maybe all humans should start out devaluing themselves, then learn their worth by learning to become a good friend.

I do not know.

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  1. 2009/07/04 02:57

    Definitely, a mind to comprehend and reflect is important when trying to love another person.  I guess it takes time to learn another person’s dispositions.  What about when our heart outpaces our mind?  What then?  🙂

  2. 2009/07/05 02:59

    @kiemthan I do not really know. I have not experienced such things… you could say I am sheltered, or even that I shelter myself, sometimes.  However, I think divorce is a sad thing and maybe there would not be so much if people were not so passionate and used their mind a little more.  I may be wrong, but it can still be tried. The worst possible result is failure, but that result is the same as the beginning.

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