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Interesting game day.
We had a pretty fast singles line (O5 won in, like, record time with N5 not far behind), so I was called up pretty early.
When I was waiting for their player to come over, P5 started chatting with me about how I shouldn’t just shrug but I should also say, “shrug.”  I was very taken aback.  Who says, “shrug”?   Well, the more surprising thing was that he was talking to me a little more like how he would to J4 or maybe O5 than say, Q5.  I think he’s almost scarier when he smiles, on virtue of having rarely smiled by itself.  It’s like, “OK, I’m finally cool enough to be smiled at, so I better not blow it [and become loser-who-can’t-play-well class again].”

I won singles
8? 12? (something like that)

With R5’s help, I lost doubles
16? 18?-21
I tried everything from scolding R5 to psych warfare (for every time they screwed up one of those birdie-scooping tricks, I did it right).  Every time R5 screwed up her shot, even if it went over, I couldn’t help mentally comparing her to reliable S5.
She was was practically serving them opportunities on a silver platter with napkins and silverware.  Every shot R5 should have smashed or drive’d, she either dropped, and dropped it a mile above the net where they could smash on me [ducking for R5], or she gave a half-assed clear. She said, “oops I screwed that one up.”
She doesn’t even realize how low her ability is, never mind why.  She doesn’t have any power like Q5 (who also ranks below me) or natural inclination like T5 (a sophomore), nor does she pay attention to the new coaches (she “liked U5 because he was nice”), never mind asking for remedial lessons like I do (I got V5 to help me once).  It didn’t help that I’m not a doubles player.

I’ve been thinking. (Before you say, “Never a good sign,” shut up.)  If I want a chance at captain, well, I have a chance because the people like me well enough, but I can’t hold sway without physical backup.  I’m thinking I should start running or something.  I know N5 and S5 are big on running, so I should try to get better at it, too.  (Has a horrid thought, about a certain person, who likes running.  a lot.  both as in “likes a lot” and as in “run a lot”) NO WAY, nuh-uh.  I’m not INSANE…

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  1. 2009/06/18 11:57

    ok, first of all, quyen totally, like CURSED me to say “shrug”.  i catch myself doing it, and it’s the most irritating thing.I think the spring open was right after this, so when i was stranded at the pavilion, quyen redirected me to the place where all the davis people were (thank God) except geoffrey (‘YOU WERE THERE?? why didn’t you TELL me??”  uhh cuz i don’t want to be told off on how I lost my games? gee, i can’t imagine).  hopefully the ucders still have me down as the funny-weird one that’s just kind of cool like that. (ahem, JACKIE).i didn’t get captain.  :/ I really can’t tell if that’s a good or a bad thing, daggett thought i’d be a bad captain (she didn’t know I was right behind her–still doesn’t know), but some people, as in the people who left early and therefore didn’t vote, said I’d make a decent captain.  I don’t know, but at least i had an honest speech.

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