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Today at work was a borderline hectic.  Y5 didn’t tell me—until I called him—that he was going to be late today… by an hour in addition to the half hour I was expecting, and that it will be the same situation next week.  Well, there goes another $16.  The girl I sat next to turned out to be sister to a senior I know of.  I suppose they look a little similar.  Still, it was pretty normal until this brat walked in.  It started with the complaints: “I don’t want to do all this”  “You’re crazy, you know that?”.  Then he drew arrows on his classwork: “it’s pointing at you, see?” and scratching “crazy” next to them.  This I can handle.  What I had to handle was being called dumb, getting my left hand beaten up, having his finger stuck in my ear, having my watch played with, and more complaints about how slow I was.  Excuse me?  You think maybe there’s a reason for this?  I was really hungry at the time (I want to say “I ate him”), so I said, “I’m hungry” to senior’s sister.  She said yeah, she’s hungry too.  I said, “Let’s eat him.  You get the grill.”  I flatter myself that I endured this pretty well.  I only half-punched the kid once, pretended to slap him once, tickled him twice, and pulled his ear.  He pushed things off the table to the floor, and kicked/punched me when he got down to pick them up.  Gracious, what a child.  I really must come up with reactions for next time.

  • threaten to call my boss over
  • complain to my boss
  • ignore him even more
  • tell him to go bother his wonderful Kelvin if he really thinks he can do anything about the fact that Kelvin is gone and is no longer there to play Mr. Nice Guy.
  • pray for him to have a change of heart and be good for once
  • … I’m drawing a blank.

He hasn’t bothered me since.  ha ha ha.
–end edit
Senior’s sister said I was being awfully nice as it was… were?  X4, SOS… ‘r actually, I’ll take any grammar nazi.

I feel surrounded by pink, so I’m making it the theme for my xanga. (I don’t particularly like the color)

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