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Drowning Anna


So today I managed to get a few people upset with me (if not angry or annoyed).  Should I be more hands-off, less offensive?  I like doing this bitch thing at home from my computer because it’s harder at school, when I’m constrained by a dork-o rolling backpack and buried in winter clothing.  People are so much more fake to one’s face, it’s extremely not funny.
I don’t know if I like thinking about things or not.  On one hand, my mind reels.  On the other, well, it’s interesting.  That’s plenty good reason either way.
I keep taking things less and less seriously.  It started in Spanish 3, when despite liking having a stable class thanks to Ms. C, I was curiously entertained at her expense by the class troublemakers’ antics.  Last year, I had M2, Z5, and A6 to juggle.  M2 was to me what Hayley in Drowning Anna was to Anna.  Z5 and A6’s craziness was overwhelming, but M2 was just overwhelming… thank God B6 advised me not to take her seriously.  I suppose I ranted to him because he was the only person we both knew.  Anyway, that just added to my living-with-the-crazy-girl experience, and of all things, the advice really helped me make it- a clarification, I personally didn’t feel so kindly toward the giver, though.  Interestingly enough, I apply the same advice to him and everybody else, because thanks to that, I don’t have to care.

I say weird things that sometimes piss people off.  Sometimes I wish they wouldn’t, because it is such a bother.  If they did “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”, they wouldn’t be annoyed with me.  Being a little slow, I the Roman, am simply not myself when in person.  The immature, annoying, and thoughtful things I say are me.  If people view me as this “nice” (oh, do I despise the word) person when they read what I say, no wonder it annoys them.  If people kept in mind my true person, these silly spats wouldn’t happen.

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