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Well, here’s to a new term (ramblings)


I hope President Obama is prepared to preside over us unruly Americans =].
Oh, they’re saying, “Yes, we can.”  I quite thought, for a minute there, that a group of very confused people had been saying “John McCain”  xDDD.  Okay, not that funny =(.
While I had no say in the election (probably couldn’t have decided even if I wanted to =D), now that “we” have voted some body into office, I think everyone should abide by it.
I don‘t want to see any stupid “Don’t blame me, I voted for McCain” stickers.  No point in what if‘s (that’s my pet peeve, “what if”), naturally.
Not not to say he’ll be a bad president, necessarily.  Or that the other guy could do any better; but the way I see it, at some point, there’s bound to be complaints.  I mean, really =!.
Well, I daresay his image as… sort of this iconic American figure… is very encouraging.  The whole economic crisis deal is very depressing.  My own household is stuck in our own financial dilemma, and blamed if it doesn’t have anything to do with foreclosure.  Really very ironic.  At any rate, just thinking about money gets me depressed.

I’m going to become a tutor (not just at Kumon), I guess, to try for more cash (which reminds me, My boss still hasn’t given me my check stub, *sigh*)… and volunteer hours at the elementary school… I was right, junior year is going to be very hectic.
It’s awfully fun to work at Kumon except the last two weeks I’ve had to work next to… is it Kevin? Calvin?  Kelvin! (<<LOL!)  Anyway, skinny asian dude with glasses (yyah.  Real specific).  He slams the books and folders around, so the table is perfectly vibrating.  =/  I’d druther work by myself in English.  The English tutors are Korean (besides me, the omni-tutor) girls, Gina and Karin (?).  There’s another two, but they never show on Wednesday [anymore?].  There’s a table for two and I take the table for one.  I’m starting to remember names.  Light hair pudgy glasses is Enya, skinny cute little imp is Kenya, small eyes talkative skater hair is D6 (interestingly enough, all Japanese kids)…. The kids I remember happen to be male because the girls aren’t as forward, and most of the kids are guys anyway.
Last week I had to teach C6’s sis because Kelvin “forgot” how.  ha, ha.  That’s what you get when you don’t get in by merit.  3] (smug expression)

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