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Les Mis


agh.  today i walked into the IPAB bathroom in the middle of a Les Mis performance.  BAD idea.  i walk in and nearly trip over the billions of costumes lying on the floor (Nardos tried to prepare me, but the situation was apparently uneffable) while i’m trying to enter the stupid stall.   THEN when i’m exit, all of a sudden there’s 10 other girls dressing and I have to squeeze past them.  I’m almost out the door when
“Hey, I don’t know you, but could you help me zip up my dress?”
I was in shock by the time she said the first “you”.  Someone is delaying my escape. oh, no, you didn’t (oh, yes, she did).  Not only had I been recruited to help some random girl suit up, but the friggin’ zipper got stuck.  If that’s not awkward, I don’t know what is. *sigh* at least it wasn’t last year… I walk in, the whole place stinks of makeup and everyone’s wearing fishnets and garters.  THAT was scary.

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