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Badminton uniforms


‘ ‘;;
i leave xanga for a certain amount of time, and it go boom….  @,@

anyway.  The company or whoever killed my design.  I consent to all the changes except the birdies taped to the blue devil head.  It looks like a creep w fuzzy hair.  I mean, ew.  I didn’t even put the devil up there in the first place for heaven’s sake.
And I hear F6’s design (for the t-shirt) was butchered further.  The ridiculous sizes for starters…  we were all expecting it to be the guys’ style.  but noo we’re LADIES’ style.  so everylady unlucky enough to order medium and down (cept maybe K2) have petit uniforms.

well, I like (MOSTLY) the way my jacket turned out.  As long as they don’t see that ridiculous head, it’s still pretty darn nice.  After all, i made the rough draft.

I’m sorry. I realize that’s an oxymoron [?].  “…killed my design” is a stupid exaggeration influenced by my high-school-ness.

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