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draft of what i wanted to say once, ran outa time, then forgot…


Monday’s concert was hectic and really kind of weird.  First, I got 4 free tickets.  I had to find a random friend
or two to come with me.  It was short notice and I got so many no’s I talked to people I hadn’t talked to for ages or ever.  I managed to nab N5.

Then, my dad and Hannah, who were supposed to use 2 tickets, didn’t show before intermission.  I was worried and called them.  Turns out Hannah fell asleep and they went home without telling me.

N5Then sara locked my phone while trying to set it on vibrate.  Frantically we began to try to decode the lock code: N5 haphazardly, me systematically.  (Interestingly, N5 got it right.)

Meanwhile, my dad assumed I’d called to tell them to pick me up, which I had specifically told them NOT to do.  I called my mom with N5’s phone for help with the code and she said, “umm I’m at the mondavi”.  N5 then cried that she’d gotten it, and my phone was free but now my mom was stuck.

Other than our emergencies, I was actually most concerned about the lady in our seats (her jacket and bags took up N5’s)
glaring at us.  Not pointedly glaring, more like we were in a section of her field of vision labeled “disapprove of this”.

Instinct to share memories

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