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The day before yesterday… make that the night.. ugggh I was so ill.  102 F.
That morning, my dad was scolding me for screwing up when I left a message, and I was feeling really funny in the head, minus the usual blackout, which was really weird. I get over blackouts. not lightheadedness.  Anyway my dad was hint-hinting at various cleanup chores because our house is a total junkyard.  After a while I told my mom I felt ill, and climbed into bed.
my dad sniffled “I wanna watch Homeward Bound.” I took the dog to relieve herself…
Why does the TV have to be in our room? grr. So we were watching Homeward Bound the mutated version, not the original, original movie, and then “The Ultimate Gift” which my mom was whining we’d never watch because we apparently never watch movies she decides to buy.
Meanwhile I’m feeling worse and worse.  I don’t like Homeward Bound. Well, not very much. I did like Ultimate Gift, but great timing to watch while my condition’s getting worse.
Near the end and a half hour before, G6, then X4 called. We were planning to go watch some movie.  I didn’t say anything, but I had some really weird leg cramp going, kinda felt frozen, not like ice but like can’t move, it didn’t hurt, well it did, but not in the I’m-screaming-for-mom pain. I think it had something to do with my feeling ill. I just sorta held on and talked.  Turns out X4’s mom has gone and grounded her in order to increase study intensity or whatever the heck she has in mind.
at this point i asked my mom to measure me.  I was 101, mom 100, Hannah and dad 99.  Wow.
It got to the point I didn’t want to walk without support. My parents escorted me to the bathroom, I took off my retainer in case I threw up, and went back to bed. My mom dumped what felt like a billion blankets. My mom set up a trash can. Hannah came. I gasped for her to get my mom because i couldn’t get my own blankets off and I was sweating and my head hurt and I felt like I could die from the heat. My temp hit 102 and above. My mom took off one of the blankets. I threw up. Hannah: “ew sister you stink”. It dropped about 5 degrees. My mom tried to get me to down a couple of pills, supposedly “either way” (swallow or chew) but I wouldn’t dare, so she compromised it by mixing with water.  For the rest of the night, I kept waking up, playing this CD, turning off the player, sipping the drink and trying to get back to sleep.
Come next morning, i am much better.
I went to see Juno. pbbt. Not the best movie. G6 and H6 said I look like I’m dying.  Reassuring huh? They wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom just to sit down (the alternative was leaning against this stupid post, but i’d-a preferred sitting on the ground.. it looked really appealing at the time) because they said as soon as I got in I’d faint and they’d never see me again.
My dad got mad ’cause I wasn’t waiting outside.  but he said he forgave me ’cause I’m sick, so on Tues Hannah and i will be able to go watch Enchanted after all.  I’m starting to hate the movies.

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