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Academic Decathlon


I was so freaked at the Academic Decathlon scrimmage: I was there at 8:20, everyone else arrived AFTER 8:45… I wasn’t LOST lost, but I kinda felt lost.  and then I found them at break.  I had to stress out while sitting next to some redhead who was really fast, but spent the rest of the time talking and doodling strange pictures with cartoon dragons/t-rex things, little kid style.  You know, big teeth and head, arms that stick out at awkward angles, small angry eyes.  and he asked everybody if they liked his doodle.  It was annoying to me, but I think ‘our’ gamma was entertained.  Gamma __ Alpha’s the Mexican fraternity that was bribed into being our test proctors.  Apparently they were offered “really good food”.  It’s kind of funny, I think.  and they had these jackets. black and white, with the fraternity thing embroidered on: black on white or white on black.  [I think: ‘I.. want.. that.. jacket…. it looks.. warm….’]

I6 and I made two batches of ’empanadas dulces’, the first she made, but screwed up badly as I was trying to write up a report, then we switched… well, we talked while I made empanadas that have, visually anyway, improved due to the making of some 5 batches total….. I exaggerate, THREE, but my mom blew up the first one when we asked her to help us deep-fry, so we decided to stop cheating and just make the whole batch[es] and pick 6 for the class.

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