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We were picking persimmons today: my dad chopping off the twig-branches, me catching them and hauling them off, my mom sorting and putting them in bags and boxes, and Hannah sulking about not being able to jump rope (she stinks).. but the persimmon tree was near the 棗 tree and you know how awful those thorns are… I remember 4-5 years ago my mom had to pull one outa Z3 with a needle or something– well my dad got a branch stuck in the 棗 tree and i knew it was stuck but he was fussing at me to hurry up and tugged at it here and there.  and it scratched me… not deep, but not just the outer skin..
so now it looks like I’ve cut up my wrist, except it’s all bumpy so it looks like a scratch.. isn’t that awful?  It’s really annoying.

Haha i was reading over that last line… I have this line in my head from HP1 “It’s really very thoughtless of you” “And it’s really none of your business” “Goodbye”
Weird things make me laugh..
oh BTW, if anyone’s a fan of I Nine, they posted Seven Days of Lonely to download free… I also joined the sites for kicks… I liked the posts… they sound so SERIOUS. and i kind of like Carmen’s voice.
And right now I’m watching Vampire Princess Miyu.  It’s really annoying how everyone keeps commenting “Miyu and Lava should just make out already.” (and that sets off the HP1 scene yet again)

Oh my what on earth… scroll down to the bottom of my page to see what I’M talking about… ^ ^;; I have no idea what that is, but I guess I’ll see if I might get rid of it later… too lazy now, I want to look up who Ishigara Yojiro is.. OH my bad Yujiro Ishihara… i knew that sounded wrong..

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