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… Looks like we’re getting a new roomer… M2‘s being here (not her… she was a bit troublesome, but it was workable….. ) was too troublesome, and on the advice of a few friends we had her move out…J6’s found a new place to stay, and now a girl and her mom are touring. Well. TG they said they’re unafraid of dogs.

I wonder why very few people hang out with me.  and sometimes I feel kind of (that is, very) overdramatic. I heave a sigh… kidding.

And bear with me, people, I AM trying to drop the probably-annoying habit of commenting on everything with the sentence “It’s like,….”  just remind me.  I hate it when people hem and haw if I ask, “am i annoying?” because if they really wanted to help me out, they wouldn’t say “ennnnnnnn… mmmm… nnoo…..”

The other day a nutty blonde lady in her prime, with a couple yappy toy dogs threatened to pepper spray my dog.  It wasn’t my dog’s ******* fault.  Her stupid dogs had issues.  I mean, pepper spray, come on. On a golden retriever? tt.

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