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let me know what’s wrong with my writing style


Here’s for the 5-sentence assignment from Ms. I (screw the punctuation)… some of it’s kinda shootin’ the bull, but what the heck. I think I’m picking up one of those crazy writing styles the living stream people publish…. It’s corny and stuffy and all that (I can’t spend the time I’d like to get my vernacular cleared up, but what the heck.  Yep.

Holden Caulfield from Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye observed a boy strolling in the street singing, “If a body catch a body coming through the rye”- a botched version of “Comin Thro The Rye” by Burns- and he pictured children playing in fields on a cliff and himself catching anyone falling off: this is commonly interpreted as a wish to protect innocence from danger, but it is more specific than that. The original poem was about Jenny who was walking through a field of rye and she became soaked and her dress draggled, or soiled. According to christian demonology, rye was the only bread witches could eat, thus associating it with anti-christianity, also known as worldliness; also, in Slavic myth, rye symbolizes material security, further associating rye with material or worldly importance. The line “gin a body kiss a body, need the warld ken?”* implied that once something intimate, personal, or precious was known to the world, the world’s knowing desecrated it.  Jenny (whose name means fair one or white wave, implying purity and innocence) had been saturated, soiled, and desecrated by being surrounded by the environment of a worldly society, and Holden subconsciously wanted to protect her- meaning the remaining innocence in the world.

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