(subj: priscilla)

I think Priscilla doesn’t need to make her comments about stuff I like. I’ve done my best to keep my trap shut about her taste, but I have my own thing and if she doesn’t want to make new friends here, she’ll have to put up with me.

We both think the whole ghetto thing is moronic, but it was entertaining in that one video I was watching. She doesn’t have to say, “ew.”

She thinks the world of guys with mohawks. I don’t give a crap, but I just go along with it. She thinks this or that person is hot. I don’t, but I don’t say, “ew.” It’s not that I’m blind, I know if someone looks good to me or not, but I don’t give a crap about looks as a personal thing.

And I know loads of people are preps, but I’ve lived here all my life and I’m not going to do anything about them.

Whenever I see something that I think is funny or anything, she says, “That’s not funny/____.”

I like listening to Younha, and I think her accent in english is minor. Somehow, Priscilla can pick out an asian accent. (Cripes, Lavigne butchers asian languages and Priscilla calls it entertaining.) This is just an example.

Why do I have to take all her fire? Why does she have to tell me what she thinks of everything? What if I said, “I hate it when bands scream and bitch around”? What if I said, “you’re not too different from anyone else”?

Hell, what if i said that to everyone? What’s with this stupid “me against society” hype? At this rate, everyone is against society. And then the society will just be “all in your head”.


One thought on “(subj: priscilla)

  1. hey is it your birthday today?if it is, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!i’m sorry that things between your friend isn’t that great.i’m sure its just a temporary thing.. the whole oh im in highschool i have to be like everyone else think kicks in hard to a lot of people.. -_-good luck though!and i’ll see you tomorrow! 😀

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