my dreadful vacation of stress

  • Monday
    • We drove all day. Priscilla’s car started hours after us, took a huge detour, yet somehow managed to get there almost earlier than us. o_0
    • They didn’t say we were going to go to the beach first. 😑 I don’t like sand stuck to my jeans rubbing into my ankles at all.
  • Tuesday
    • I played Egyptian War with William (12?) and Janet (6?). Janet is mad. She’s so slow and she cheats, and her mom supports her ’cause she’s little so somehow that means that big bro William has to
      • go slow (although he does jump the gun, and constantly has to “burn” cards, it’s better to be fast than slow)
      • take beatings from little Janet without fighting back
      • watch Janet go slow, and
      • hand her (or me) half his stash (but  never ask for it) if she’s losing.

      They both cheat. 😊

    • Someone apparently thought I was at the beach by myself. That’s what they told Priscilla, so guzhang, Máce, and Priscilla marched out with Mocca. I got sent out to clear up the confusion and because they were only there ’cause I was supposed to be there. I brought 小黃 with me. Guzhang watched the dogs and 小黃 watched my sweatshirt, but just standing out there gets boring. Mocca got dumped on me when I wasn’t looking and Priscilla took off WITH MY DOG… Needless to say, she wasn’t watching my sweatshirt anymore. Hectic running ensued. (Never do this in a sand… I mean, beach thing..?) I got the rough part, because I canNOT run with little dogs. To avoid killing them, I carry them. Very inconvenient.
  • Wednesday
    • We went to the Cone Amor B-day Club. Bet Rebecca remembers that place. They have a display showing, “child scoop is this big, single scoop looks like this.” *Buzzer* Nno. Single scoop actually looks like THIS. *waves something vaguely three times the size of the demo* If you ask for an extra cone, like for support or whatever, it’s free. The lady is freaking generous. If anyone wants to go, it’s across the parking lot from Rogue River Gift Shop. Go into the little door to the right of the big entrance-like glass-boxy thingummy. Easy to spot. I had sherbet-vanilla-dough. Too much sherbet in one go, I say.
  • Thursday
    • Hike Your Rear Off And Get Bitten By Bees Day. Next time, someone let me knew when little-more-than-a-mile becomes ten. Honestly. Apparently, we took the coast trail which means the coastLINE. NOT the beach. NOT the ocean. NOT natural bridge. NOT the lighthouse. So
      the trail goes on and on. [Now you tell us.] We fell behind to do whale watching, then radioed them (or whatever) to see where they were (House Rock). We did a load of hiking, ended up in a jungle-like place with lotsa nice fat half-eaten mushrooms. “How far are you?” “Where are YOU?” “[insert description]” “OH then you’re ONLY a couple MILES away [emphasis added]”.
      o_0 Since when is Hannah a good walker?? (She was with guzhang, Xian, Janet, Máce, William, and gugu.
      Priscilla and my grandma skipped out. Taotao sprained her ankle. We sat down. They came. William snatched the leash. They walk a couple steps. See the dog snap her jaws twice, then ticking, pinching, pain in the elbow. Nice long yell from me. I thought of this disgusting looking fly with huge yellow pincers I saw on the dog’s neck on the way down.
      Janet starts crying (later we found out she was only crying and not actually hurt). Xian (aka her daddy) to the rescue. Xian gets stung 3-5 times, we find out later. Stupid girl, crying for no reason.
      Everyone one else walks to safety, more or less. Great. I’m the decoy. Thanks a LOT William, for dragging my dog into this. The two boys had 小黃 phobia for the rest of the trip. “Does she have bees?” “Are you sure?” “How can you be sure?”
    • At the end of the day, my dad rips into me for not doing this and that. I could do all right on my own, but it’s very wearing when one’s father shakes his head, frowning at one. Apparently, my vacation’s as good as over.
  • Friday
    • My dad has cooled off. We meet a royal poodle and his owner, who knows quite a bit of info that my dad wants. They talk everlastingly long.
    • A short but very steep hike branching from the coast trail at another point. Led down to natural bridge/ arch whatever. I carry Mocca, because Priscilla is in flip flops. I also have Priscilla’s hands bearing down on my shoulders. Every so often she uses me as a staff. We reach the end, take lots of pictures, thereby risking death by falling off a cliff. Then I carry Mocca back up.
    • Horseback riding.  My horse (Serif? Seraph?) had a shaky start (looked like she was going to bite the overweight lady’s horse we stood next to). By then I’d realized the “leader” was actually the resident border collie. How reassuring. The weird western-costumed guide riding in the back kept yelling at me (but he yelled at gugu more). (Is he one of those mental issues people?)
      Cripes, great time to get told to break rules ingrained in one’s head (never trot on a walking trail): WHEN ONE IS CROSSING THE FREEWAY ON A CRANKY OLD HORSE.
      They tell you they match you according to experience and personality? Absolute BS. My horse must have been old or something, because no matter how I “kicked” her, she seemed to have one speed only. Máce’s Fantasia was worse. Well, they lined us up on the beach for pictures. I barely got into position when Seraph attacked Fantasia. This couldn’t have been what they meant by personality compatibility. They never said they’d put me on a sour old puss, so, off-guard, I nearly slid off sideways and did not catch him (?) on time. The friendly, slightly overweight, dressed-like-a-motorcyclist guide-leading-the-front, who had hopped off, slapped him.
      Weirdo impatiently told me to hold shorter rein, but two seconds later, he’s almost swearing, “GIT YER HANDS OFF THE LACES!” Cripes. Chill. I got enough to do.
      When we got back, the friendly guide satisfied our curiosity concerning the resident wolf hybrid. They’re often really vicious, but this one was… a player… 😅. Priscilla’s posted pics on her myspace. The wolf-dog was soo cute: tiny ears and muzzle, but huge fluffy neck. The ears were sort of floating amongst the fur. It pounced on Marcello as he crouched for a picture. It was funny to watch, really. Priscilla swore she’d go back at buy the dog, though I doubt it. Mini-poodle to half wolf is a big transition. Oh yeah, i think gugu’s horse was Diamond, and priscilla’s Ebony… or was William’s Diamond? And another Weirdo conversation, with gugu:
      Gugu: “Is my horse older than the one in front of me?”
      Weirdo: “Why do you care?! If you wanna know so bad, why don’t YOU work here?!”
    • Ice cream stop! hehe. OK, lessee… I got dough-rocky-bubble gum and I advise that you never buy bubble gum. It has real gum in it. It’s nasty. Next time I go, I’m getting dough-rocky-vanilla. Like, light brown-brown-cream. Earth tones!
  • Saturday
    • Whaleshead has the most wonderful black sand. We buried 小黃 alive. She was so comfy, she just fell asleep. We couldn’t budge her. She didn’t want to. My dad fell asleep using her butt for a pillow. After she got up, my mom and I made sand sculptures. I made a sandman, a sphinx (inspired by my mom’s pyramid), then took over mom’s face.  it came out like someone in a coffin 😅. I dunno when the pictures will be uploaded, though. >w< My favorite day, perhaps.
  • Sunday
    • We ate at Samoa Cookhouse: bread (with butter and jam if you want), then split pea soup and salad, then pork steak, sweet potatoes, corn (was there something else?), and dessert was cake. Not all weird and sugared up, so they made up for the absence of sweetener with icing. They overdid it, but it’s still a great place to eat. We bought some bread because we liked it and wanted to bring it home.
    • I’ve been ill ever since I came back. The trip back was all right.

Oh shit, gugu will scold… I’ve been skipping on my cough syrup again. OH WELL!! HAHAHA… oh-oh… *runs away*

(subj: scott the cat)

Scott came back T_T I’m so happy… He’s not nasty or stupid like some cats, so I was really worried. Kate and I were disappointed for him, too. Kate heard a meow tonight, then called, “Scott,” and bingo out comes mr. orange tabby.

(subj: new housemates)

I’m posting about my vacation later:

I nearly got a cat! Orange tabby named Scott. His owner dumped ‘im in a box at our new tenant Kate’s old place, and that would have been like two cats: her own cat Mimi (black and white) and Scott, but Scott ran away, and Kate feels terrible. We don’t know if he’s trying to get home, if he knows how, any of that. The owner didn’t leave him any collar, so 😣;;

It’s getting quite noisy around here. Yesterday I helped Priscilla move in, rearrange her room etc. (She must have 20× more clothes than I do).  Then I wrapped up the packing and moving of our stuff out of Kate’s new quarters. And then my grandma’s staying to scold us all (according to my dad, that’s her real purpose in coming). Everyone talking at once = constant buzzing in my ears. And it’s not even just in my head. 😅

My ideal surroundings are one of those sunny, clean cafe places (there’re lots in Davis, and there was one in the center of the Student Union at CSUS, I liked eating lunch there), and I always get this funny feeling of content whenever I see a group of adult ladies, numbering about 4, just sitting together at a table and chatting. It looks fun, maybe. Or maybe it’s ’cause I get the feeling they’ve been old, best friends, not just in the shallow, teenage sense.

On Wednesday, I saw a couple of hispanic guys trying to beat each other up right in front of the library. There were a bunch of girls nearby, and one of them was recording. It pissed me off to see her just standing there, and I wanted to do something, but it’s not like bullying, you don’t have anyone to defend. This black lady came charging out of the library—she hadn’t even dropped her bags and her kids were sort of watching her trying to barge in—and yelling, “STOP, STOP, CALL THE POLICE!” Great day to forget my cell phone, huh? Afterwards, I thought, “Dammit, I shouldn’t let adults do all the work. 😑 I’m such a coward.” I wonder what I ought to do next time…?