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today is just not my day. i was nearly late to class (dad’s fault), kelly wasn’t here today, and despite all my studying last night, i forgot to fill in the worksheets.  i just have the thought of an F hanging over my head. it would be bearable if we didn’t have to bring home progress reports in last wk… chances are, we’ll have to do it this weekend, too.

am i the only one minus “deathly hallows”?  i mentioned it to my mom cuz i just remembered and i nearly always try to say whatever is on my mind. (not a good thing, for me, i think).  she asked if it was at costco.  probably but i’d rather have the sixth first.  maybe i’m just being a virgo.  “everything has to be just so”. that’s me….

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  1. 2007/07/25 00:08

    yeah, i would recommend you reading the sixth first, because otherwise you wouldn’t have the slightest idea of what’s going on in the seventh…

  2. 2007/07/25 14:16

    Bwah! You have to read DH! you never told me what room you have summer school in. Tell me, and I’ll give you your cardcaptor book back and DH.

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