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Younha – My*Lover


I’ve had this song stuck in my head all week… She’s so cool though…I like the part where’s she’s walking along, totally clueless, then *tap tap*/*turns around*/*oh shit… BYE BYE I GOTTA GO AAAHH*
“skateboard”, “door”, and “skirt” are ALL SUNG IN ENGLISH which i find amusing.


[good] grief, it’s summer… and only two people update? sad, very sad…
ohh sorry the design template hides the layout… good grief is right.

is it weird that i think “avril lavigne” when i listen to that song? [,[

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  1. 2007/07/13 09:42

    well i’m not there i’m here. for all i know it hasn’t rained for months.

  2. 2007/07/17 16:30

    ?wait.. who are you?rebecca?

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