While I was at the ice rink, a group of like 10 girls wearing neon tiaras, I guess around 7-8th grade, started stalking me. One was big on cutting me. One, wearing a green tiara, was especially intent on shadowing me. DO YOU REALIZE HOW CREEPY THAT IS? SHE WASN’T EVEN AN ARM’S LENGTH AWAY! SHE WAS RIGHT THERE. I THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO ASSAULT ME OR SOMETHING. When I talked to my “TA” (more like she bossed me around), they actually went up to her and asked me, “Is she really your friend or is she bugging you?” I thought, “Actually, you’re the ones bugging me,” but I just said we’re friends. I thought, who do they think they are?

My mom bought me Deathly Hallows. I would have gotten Half-blood Prince, but she figured that thanks to a discount card or something, if we came back at a certain date slot, we’d get it cheaper. (She’s right. we’re going between Aug 2 and 5 at Borders for Prince 😆)

At first we were just getting Pride and Prejudice so I could make a bibliography for my book report, but then she spotted the big sale, and boom boom. I found Pride first, then I realized that my mom hadn’t come in yet. I waited, but still no. Hiding Pride behind the Hallows stack, I trotted to the car. No one there! I went towards Jamba juice, said hi to Haemin/Chido/Neda, asked, looked into Jamba Juice—still nobody. I went back to Borde- oh who’s that browsing the sale? It’s mummy! [Are you serious?]

(subj: world civ)

Another stupid hold-hands-in-a-circle race. This time Huffie shoved the kid-who-Varsha-thought-was-me into my back. While I put blind trust into Abdelhadi (bad idea, but that means we get to blame him for all incidents) to guide us and Dard and Rachel to support me, and not drop me and drag me over somebody, I felt someone else’s back against mine, and I thought, “UGH I’m getting chills,” and then I realized, “Oh crap, it’s my ‘lookalike'” when I heard a voice saying, “Hey, you guys crashed me into somebody.” But for all anyone knew, I was a docile sheep being led by other sheep… or goats, for that matter…
We lost.

We sat down at the rendezvous point, or the finishing place. Then, in round 2 (which we sat out as the losers), whoever drove Hufflepuff drove them right into me and Rachel, who was next to me… the only two on that side of the bench, really. How unlucky. Rachel looked like she’d gone into shock. I nearly sat on a suspicious stain, so I scooted over and nearly scooted into Lookalike. Good grief. I was very glad when it was over, I can tell you!

(subj: world civ)

I had a brilliant idea for our little team-builder/test prep/charades today. It would have been very neat, I think, except we didn’t really get a chance to be well-rehearsed, and another team decided to the guillotine as well. They had the same as my group’s original idea, but I thought up something more detailed and more representative of the history of the guillotine… Unfortunately, the other group went before us and ruined it. They ruined my plans! I’m exaggerating. But it’s one of my few self-inspiring “successes”, and the result just died.

New lunch group! Saraf has been missing today but it was fun talking to Rachel. I didn’t realize she was 2-3 yrs older than me, though… felt kinda bad ’cause my grades are a tad better… still not great, though. This chinese kid I don’t really know keeps hanging out with them. At first, I thought he’s chinese, then I thought he was ABK ’cause he hung out with them but always spoke in english, then I found out he’s chinese. (Even though he claimed to be japanese, chinese, and korean, last names are really hard to mistake.) He does not seem very bright. Susannah is the sharpest, and a tad critical… If Rachel has opinions, she keeps them to herself.

On a whim, I biked into this alley thing somehow, and fell off my bike because there were too many parked things in there, and a narrow sidewalk. Let’s just say I felt somewhat feverish once I got home. Sitting on the bike, it was “just get home, get in there, take care of everything” but once I got off the bike, it was like WHOO. My sight went patchy and I felt like vomiting. I hastily (quickly is definitely not the word) refilled my juice thingy with water, stumbled towards the stairs, and collapsed onto it because it was the closest comfortable, reclining place-thing. And after that I didn’t want to get up. But i did, put on a lot of hydrogen peroxide (but it didn’t sting as much as I expected it to T_T), and took a cold shower.

(subj: world civ)

OK, to explain, I’m in World Civ. My eccentric teacher named Scott Bell has a thing about grouping his students into Hogwarts houses. I am in Ravenclaw, but few in my group are very Ravenclaw-like, and I admit, I am not one of them.

My teacher likes to drag us into games called team-builders (he’s a Da Vinci teach) to promote intra-team cooperation/communication (bear with the jargon, please), such as undoing a human knot without talking or whatever.

That day, we had to make a circle, linking hands while facing outwards. It was in sets of two teams, so Gryff vs. Slyth, Rav vs. Huff. The paired teams, at the same time, go up their flight of stairs (there’s two sides, it’s near the IPAB), pass each other at the top, go down the other, and return to where everyone else awaits. It’s done supposedly without talking. First one back in one piece wins.

The catch-that-couldn’t-be-helped were three kids sitting at the top, talking or something, and just plainly in the way. The one on the right, from our view, was a guy, which I know ’cause I got dragged, like, over his head moments later, and the other two I didn’t notice. I think another guy and a girl? Anyway, they were sitting like this from our point of view:  → ↓ ← (that’s the directions they were facing, anyhow).

So now read the other entry again and hopefully it’ll make more sense.

(subj: summer school world civ)

I am traumatized.

Un-Ravenclaw-like Ravenclaw, my “house”, dragged me up a stairs with no thought (I had to choose between figuring out how to run backwards fast, or twisting myself painfully in order to run forwards… I tried backwards) of us poor people in the back, and I could have held on, but they kept charging even when we were going past other people, which is not recommended because it is sheer homicide. Don’t ask who dies, ’cause everyone does.

I collapsed while we passed Hufflepuff, and just as I tried to get up, they dragged me over someone’s head and, worse, it was a guy. There were three people sitting there like they were playing cards in an area with very restricted space (wall… rail)… idiots. Anyway, I was like oh crap, said, “I’m sorry,” and had to jump over the third guy to get back to my group.

(subj: ratatouille)

I saw Ratatouille with Haemin-Grace-Neda on friday, at 4:20 or whatever.

I was biking along then Haemin comes up behind me and says hi, telling me she’s going to Borders [can you feel the jealousy spring up?] and going to see Ratatouille after that, at either 3:20 or 4:20 [gee, it just gets better, doesn’t it?]. And I was thinking, “… oh.” But she decided to invite me then and there. I called my mom on pretense of asking for permission (it’s really “BTW, I’m going to do this so don’t freak out when I’m not home yet”).

I rather liked the movie. The female cook was funny. I bet her assigned protege thought she was trying to kill him. She really likes her knives, doesn’t she?