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i think any readers get my point with the bulk of the day thing.. it was kinda fun for a bit though: xD.

my sister’s going to be staying with priscilla over the week (yesss). she is so annoying. she thinks she’s cute when she lisps (on purpose) and changes her voice. she thinks only and all dresses are pretty, which drives my dad mad (both kinds). she thinks she can be a figure skater without working in her class (well guess who’s going to beta, and guess who’s still in pre-alpha). she was born naturally muscular but stopped using them once her personality developed: she’s lazy and a total-complete, wuss. she can do anything she puts her mind to, but she is lazy and unwilling to work on her strengths (except drawing, and draws her idea of pretty girls, which is mutated SM eyes, barbie hair, and… ehh… big lips). and when she makes me snap, she goes running to the parents, who are constantly trying to tell me to be nice. i knew it’s all in the best intention, but i can’t stand living with an obviously future prep. when i pack her life jacket for swimming (goodness knows she wouldn’t need it, but as i said, she’s an incompetent wuss), i sometimes think it would be better for both of us, really, if she just drowned. she could be a martyr and i could live in peace.

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  1. 2007/06/24 16:09

    I was exactly like your sis 😉
    I wore skirts and dresses everyday in 1st and 2nd grade, and relented to my parents to wearing shorts in third. And I still can’t draw. I was somewhat good at drawing in seventh, but no longer.

  2. 2007/06/24 16:27

    Silly bekah. Bell bottom jeans have always been cool, and always will be. Especially if they have glittery rhinestones on them, and look best under disco balls. Paired with large sunglasses, it’s uber-chic. 😀
    are you taking a summer class?

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